Weekend Meanderings 11:06 a.m. 2003-04-27

I know I haven't written in a couple of days - not much to report. It is beautiful outside, and I would like to go somewhere or do something. Maybe go to the Renaissance Festival, which just started this weekend - or maybe I will just head north and wander the Hwy. 41 flea market.

I first discovered the Hwy. 41 flea market up in Acworth a year or so ago. I like to buy used video tapes there. It has been going on every weekend for a long time, or so I hear, because when I mention it to native Mariettans, they say they know all about it. I am sure that it is quite different now than it was in the beginning. With the influx of Mexican immigrants (and Asian immigrants), there is definitely a different flavor. It's almost like being in a mercado in Mexico!!!!

Yesterday, we got a counter offer on the second townhome we are bidding on. BTW, if you just clicked on the link - I am talking about the red brick, which came in third at that time! The owners seem unwilling to come down much - it's frustrating. I am just not used to this bargaining thing. They really only came down $1000 from what they are asking for the townhome - plus paying $2500 of the closing costs.

So, as I have been doing a lot of playing around with the figures - to try to figure out just how much we would be paying each month for the pleasure of being homeowners - I realized that the monthly payment on our first choice (a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage with loft - but not much room for dining room) would only be about $150 or so more than the one we are bidding on now ( a 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, 1 car garage with no loft, but with a separate dining room). At least I think that it would only be that much more...

So, I started obsessing again as to whether we are making the right choice. After we went to see A Mighty Wind, I stayed up until 2AM looking for alternatives - closer places to live, cheaper places to live... I found some that are said (by MapQuest) to be 4-5 minutes closer, but am not sure that I want to go through all of that looking and indecision again.

Most likely, we will work on a counter offer today. I am not completely sure that our first choice is really the one we should go back to - I did love the hardwood floors and high ceilings and loft, though!!!

People at school have asked me if I was considering changing school systems, since I will be living in another part of town. I am not sure if I am ready to do that. I like my school system, for the most part. Check back with me in another year - after driving to and fro for a time.

Did I mention that I was offered the summer school teaching position? If I didn't - more about that later.

The movie was good last night - we had to go because my husband is a huge This is Spinal Tap fan. I am finally seeing some movies that look like they are worth seeing. I think I will go see Laurel Canyon and It Runs In The Family.

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