RIP Connolly 10:01 a.m. 2006-01-13

Just wanted you all to know that I am back from my trip to France. The last leg of my journey was spent at a friend's house just built in a small neighborhood developement in the countryside about 20 miles outside of Poitiers. I didn't get to see much of my old hometown, but I got to visit with my friends (who, as you may have guessed do NOT have internet connection...) and to visit the riding school where I rode 19 years ago!!!!

My trip back was long, and I am definitely suffering from jet lag - I have a cold and cannot speak above a croak. Hmmmm.... must have a "frog" in my throat! Ha! I couldn't resist.

On a sadder note, my dog, Connolly, died two days after I returned. I must have had some sort of suspicion that the end was near (she was 14 years old), because I specifically instructed my husband NOT to tell me anything if she passed during my trip. Still, I was hoping that she would stay around a little while longer.

At least, she waited until I came back. She and my husband met me at the airport, and she also got to take advantage of a lovely warm (oh, how warm after the cold of France!!!) weather on Tuesday to come with me on the car to run errands. She got to eat steak on Tuesday, and duck and sausage gumbo on Wednesday, and I was with her when she passed. I consider that a pretty successful run for a dog/human partnership!

I will miss her very much, though. I will be making a comemorative piece of some sort for her, I can assure you. As my husband said, "she was a most excellent pooch."

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