Sunday afternoon wandering 8:49 p.m. 2003-04-27

So I spent 4 hours this afternoon, checking out neighborhoods -and even going to a couple of open houses. I even took a little walk in downtown Norcross.

I walked up South Peachtree - the sort of Main Street of Norcross - and passed the British Shop, The Dutch Pot(a Caribbean restaurant), an Italian restaurant or two, and some antique shopes. Then we got back into the car. Less than one mile away is a Mexican strip mall on Buford Highway with a Colombian restaurant! Ain't it grand?

All of this to feel better about our decision on a future home! Tonight, we made yet another counter offer. We may hear back tonight, since the sellers are in California.

I got home in time to see my former student, Zachary Zagoria, in his Wild Card round in America's Most Talented Kid. He was the top runner in his category until some skanky beauty queen Whitney Houston wannabe received a higher score. Oh, well, he did get to be on television twice!!!

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