House Hunt 2:09 p.m. 2003-04-16

My husband and I signed a counter offer on the townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths – It has a two car garage and hardwoods throughout the house – but the stairs are carpeted. It has a deck off of the second level living/kitchen which looks out on a small grassy area and woods. There is a bedroom with full bath on all three levels, including the garage level. The master bath has a garden tub and a separate shower stall! There is also a loft that would do nicely as a den/sitting room off the master bedroom. The only con is that the living/dining is a little small for our dining set, but we could cope. Here is a picture of the front:

We don’t know how the Russians (the realtor for that home, at least, is Russian) will respond to our counter offer, and, in the interest of keeping our options open, I sent our realtor a list of other places in the neighborhood. So, last night, we went back with our realtor to look at other units. Lots of other units.

And I am glad we did – despite the hour-long drive through rush hour traffic. My husband, bless his heart, mentioned that this is what I would be dealing with in the evenings. I snapped back that I would plan on leaving between 3:00 and 3:30, and it COULD NOT be that bad at that time. I definitely do not want to dwell on the challenges. (Note: our drive back at 9PM was only 30 minutes).

As I was saying...Some of the places we toured were not nearly as nice as our first choice, so I was unimpressed. But, finally, we saw a couple of possibilities. We are still bidding and hoping for the first, but this gives us a much-needed backup plan, and a little perspective in the bidding wars.

Our second choice is also a 3 level townhome. It looks like a 2 story from the front, but has a basement off the back. It has a carport instead of a garage. The things it has going for it: an actual dining room (and the advantage of an entrance to the main living area without stairs), a deck AND a patio with a fenced in back yard, and a full basement (about 2 rooms large – the bath is stubbed, but not finished) – with 3 bedrooms and two baths upstairs. It is also a lot less expensive than the first. The cons: it’s not as shiny as the first, and the basement finishing is a bit amateurish. I think that the yard also looks out onto all of the surrounding backyards. But it is a great place for the pooch! Here is a picture of the front – it doesn’t do it justice.

Our third choice is also a three level townhouse. It has a one car garage and a finished room and full bath on the entry/basement level. The second floor/main level is very much like that of our second choice, with a separate dining room and a deck off the kitchen that looks out on a large common grassy area – which you can reach from a looooong flight of stairs. There are two larger bedrooms on the third floor (instead of 3 smaller rooms), with full baths and garden tubs. I don’t think it has a loft. Its price is somewhere between the two others.

After we parted ways with our broker, we went to the strip mall around the corner to get a bite to eat. I would have been happy with the El Taco Veloz, but instead, we went to another Mexican restaurant and had chilaquiles. The entire strip mall is filled with Mexican businesses, with a salon de belleza (beauty shop), a panaderia (bakery), a salon de billares (pool hall), and other necessities, such as the check cashing and phone card business, a special events facility called the Monte Carlo Ballroom. Across the street is a carniceria (hispanic butcher) and Puras Tortas, a Mexican sandwich place.

I didn't get the idea that there were that many Mexicans in our neighborhood, but there must be some around! ;-)

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

We also passed the Bollyvision, which I now know is an Indian video rental place (I thought it was a movie theatre!). It is housed in the Global Mall - I know I'll be hanging out there. I think I also saw a Brazilian grocery. What fun!

I look forward to exploring a new part of the Atlanta area!

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