Written in the stars? 10:27 p.m. 2006-01-18

Okay, today I freaked myself out...Maybe Iíve hit a recent bottom with my astrology fixation.

Last night, just before I went to bed, I stopped by Tarot.com to look at the next dayís predictions. Here is what I read:

A misunderstanding at work can send your day spinning in the wrong direction. You could spiral down with the energy or you can accept whatever happens. Arguing won't get you any closer to a solution now. Let it go and, if needed, come back to this issue in a few days.

Immediately, I checked for a second opinion, turning to the Numerology page. Here is what it said:

Your Number for Today: 4
Your courage may be challenged today, but no obstacle is too great if you work with diligence and resolve. Keep track of all details; an opportunity is at hand. You are steadily making a stellar impression on those with whom you work.

Well, shit! Since I had come out so strongly in my last entry about divination, I thought - Well, you canít just take the good... I shared the dire news with my husband. He said with exasperation: "Well, since thatís all a bunch of horsecrap anyway, it doesnít really matter, now does it?"

Thatís soooo sweet - trying to make me feel better.

So, I woke up this morning, just knowing that my other two sources are much more abstract, and are more open to flexible interpretation. I went to Daily OM, only to find:

Overcoming Uncertainty
Leo Daily Horoscope

Today you may experience powerful events that could alter your life, or you may find yourself feeling anxious about impending changes. By choosing to surround yourself with peace and serenity, you can let go of fears and adopt an attitude of calm. If your tension is particularly strong at any moment, you might consider spending some time engaging in activities that could ease your anxiety. Activities that release excess tension from your body while focusing and quieting your mind, like yoga, gentle stretching, a long walk, or bodywork, would be wonderful pursuits today. By consciously choosing to release your fear and anxiety today, you can develop a calm, detached attitude and not worry so much about the future.

When we consciously choose to adopt a peaceful mind-set in the midst of uncertainty, we can remain balanced and confident despite the circumstances surrounding us. While it is natural to have fear or tension about the future, we can live happier, more productive lives if we don't let these fears consume our thoughts. Rather than letting our fears grow out of proportion and negatively affect our experiences, we can choose to keep them in perspective and remember that fears are nothing more than possibilities. By affirming that everything will work out for the best, we lend our energy and intent to the formation of a positive outcome. If you release your fears and worries and choose to keep a positive attitude today, you can develop the confidence to successfully handle any situation in your life.

Oh, great! My first thought was that I would probably NOT have been "feeling anxious about impending changes" had I not read all of that stuff!!!!! Even my fave, Free Will Astrology said this:

The Galactic Question Center at Galquest.blogspot.com asks you to imagine the following scenario: Upon awakening one morning, you find that you are lying on top of a mile-high pole that is 24 feet in diameter. Next to you is a can of unopened chicken soup, a tube of strong glue, a half-mile long rope, and a German shepherd dog. Can you come up with a way to get yourself back down to the ground? I don't think you will face this exact predicament in the coming week, Leo, but it has a metaphorical resemblance to a knotty riddle you'll be presented with. Fortunately, you have the brain power to solve it.

So, now, my anxiety is extended for even longer!!!!

I got in my car, drove carefully to work, and went to get my materials to administer the Middle Grades Writing Assessment. I just found out last night that, instead of just administering to my fifth period class, which consists of 8 students, that I would be taking ALL of my students and testing them - a total of 32!

Could this be it? What if too many children get left behind??? Thatís it! All of my students - challenged in English already - will fail to pass the 8th grade writing assessment. I will lose my job - for reasons beyond my control!!!!

This had to have been the longest day ever. After testing, there was a wacky schedule change, which left the kids wired. I got bombarded by pleas from students who I just exited from the program - who are going to be put in regular Language Arts classes starting tomorrow. They donít want to leave ESOL!!! They donít want to be with a particular LA teacher!!! Yada Yada Yada! Like a mare who knows that her foals need to be weaned, I stoicly ignored their protests.

I presented to the faculty meeting after school (told you the day had no end!!!) - launching the four CafePress websites I had set up for the four Hispanic Heritage Poster Contest winners. People seemed pretty interested. Weíll see how it works out!

On my way home, I stopped by the gym to recommence training sessions with my personal trainer. Time to get back on the wagon.

Tomorrow night, I have my reading class. I will be glad when itís Friday!!! I will keep you posted on my dire fate. Gee, my dog died last week - maybe the stars are off by a week.

I know, I am now officially becoming annoying.

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