Crash!!!! 9:11 p.m. 2006-01-20

Okay, so I am on my way to work this morning. I decide to stop by the QuikTrip to load up on Diet Coke - and I picked up a breakfast burrito while I was at it. As I was driving past the line of parked cars, suddenly - Crash!!! Both of my passenger side windows smashed inward!!!

I stopped and got out of my car. Apparently, a painter's truck was backing out of it's parking place and the ladders hit my window. They were driving an iffy-looking rig: a black truck pulling a flat trailer, piled with ladders and scaffolding. I downplayed my ability to speak Spanish, except to tell them to call their boss, and to let them know I had to call the police. I am a tiny bit disoriented in my Spanish since my trip to France, so it was easy to stay in English.

I called my husband, who was in bed with a sore throat less than half a mile away at our house. I called the police and my work to let them know I had an accident. The Mexican guys called a slightly more competent English-speaker to help them. I heard them say to him that they didn't see me. Duh. Later, they tried to pick up on my approach past their truck. Yada, yada, yada.

Next, I had to call AAA and we had the car towed to a body shop. I went home and filed a claim, then we went to the body shop to sign off on some forms. My husband wanted to go to a doctor to check on his throat, so we went and sat in a clinic waiting room for almost an hour - I wrote in my paper journal and read InStyle magazines, learning important information about Kate Winslet's fashion evolution.

When he came out of the doctor's office, my husband said, "I have strep throat, and you probably do, too." Yep, I had to fill out forms, get my throat swabbed, and get a lovely shot of penicillin. I probably caught it from a rugrat in France. And I shared it with my husband...

I also brought him Toblerone.

When I got home, I did more insurance stuff, and made a sandwich. My husband salvaged the Diet Coke from the back seat of my car - he's my hero! I have a rental car reserved for Monday (I have convinced my husband that I am too rattled to try and re-learn to drive a stick shift...) so I am mainly homebound until my husband drives me to work!

I have a lot to do around the house, anyway!!!

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