Anti-Valentines and Pictures of France 1:03 p.m. 2006-01-17

I am on a roll at school today, despite going to bed late! It must be the antihistimines!!! I have two things for people to look at.

First, I entered a contest. It's called The Anti-Valentine's Day Contest. I rejiggered my Voodoo Heart and changed the name to the slogan: Revenge is Sweet. Here is my come on:

Okay, this is the best Anti-Valentine you ever saw!!!! It's sweet, but Monet-kind of sweet. From far away - awwww - how cute. But close up... beware!!!!

Go there and buy a product so that I can win and I-Pod!!! I'll be your best friend!!!

Finally, here are my Pictures from France. My husband put it up with his Mac!

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