Thoughts on Astrology 12:01 p.m. 2006-01-16

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Now, if you know me at all, or have been reading my blog - you will know that I am a bit of an astrology person... I got into astrology when I was a child, thanks to it being the 70's and all. I loved reading about myself, of course, but I also liked to gather insights about other people through learning their astrological signs and reading and making assumptions about people by reading about their characteristics.

Later on, when I became interested in boys, I always learned what their sign was - one sneaky way I had of doing this was that I helped the secretary in attendance during the day at high school. That way I had access to everyone's basic records and schedules. Oh, yes, I was quite the stalker in high school... but that's another story...

Anyway, I definitely would not consider entering into a romantic relationship unless I knew that our signs might be compatible. Or, rather, after I had worked out in my mind that there was a way that we could be compatible. It gave me a sense of perceived control over my situation. I know, to some of you, this may sound ridiculous, but it was some comfort to me.

When I met my husband to be, I joined his church. I don't need to name the denomination, but just let me say that it is a more strict off-shoot of a very mainstream protestant church. I learned at that time that astrology and divination were sins. I eventually reasoned it out that my trying to know the future was my trying to second-guess God's intentions for me, and gave up most of my horoscope seeking.

Now that I am separated from the church - but not my husband - I have come full circle. I came out of the closet, so to speak. I try to be selective - the sites that I have found the most helpful are Free Will Astrology,, and Daily OM. Here is something I got from the regular Daily OM (not the horoscope) today that really made me think:

Today's Daily OM

Fully Committed To Now: Why We Are Not Shown The Big Picture

Sometimes, we may find ourselves wishing we knew what our lives are going to look like or what gifts and challenges are going to be presented to us in the coming months or years. We may want to know if the relationship we're in now will go the distance or if our goals will be realized. Perhaps we feel like we need help making a decision and we want to know which choice will work out best. We may consult psychics, tarot cards, our dreams, and many other sources in the hopes of finding out what the future holds. Usually, at most, we may catch glimpses. And even though we think we would like to know the whole story in all its details, the truth is that we would probably be overwhelmed and exhausted if we knew everything that is going to happen to us.

Just think of your life as you've lived it up to this point. If you are like most of us, you have probably done more and faced more than you could have ever imagined. If someone had told you as a child of all the jobs and relationships you would experience, along with each one's inherent ups and downs, you would have become overwhelmed. With your head full of information about the future, you would have had a very hard time experiencing your life in the present moment, which is where everything actually happens.

In many ways, not knowing what the future has in store brings out in us the qualities we need to grow. For example, it would have been difficult to commit yourself to certain people or projects if you knew they wouldn't ultimately work out. Yet, it was through your commitment to see them through that you experienced the lessons you needed to grow. Looking back on your life, you would likely be hard pressed to say that anything in your past should not have happened. In fact, your most challenging experiences with their inevitable lessons may have ultimately brought you the greatest rewards. Not knowing the future keeps us just where we need to be-fully committed and in the present moment.

Isn't that amazing? That's just what I needed to hear!!!! It is so true that I need to focus on what I can do day by day. I cannot be constantly worrying about whether relationships will ultimately work out, or whether I will ultimately lose my job, or whether my new business will ultimately be a success or a failure. I have no control over most of those things. I only have control over what I do or say.

But still, it's fun to check with the universe. It's a way of touching base and a good meditation tool. But I also need to just leave it at that - and taking action in the now. Some people, like my husband, are focussed on the past. I, on the other hand, and usually focussed on the future. I have always been very daydreamy that way. Time to get with the present and get to work!!!

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