Feeling Better 9:00 a.m. 2006-01-15

First - I am back up on E-Bay!!! Check out my Auctions. I am NOT lying when I say that I have very few left of the shrine frames. My current source has dried up!!!! I will be looking for alternatives, though, hopefully ones that don't involve my buying, oh say, 1000 at one time....

This morning, I woke up at 6:00 AM - not bad for a Sunday. Well, to be honest, I sacked out after finishing the DaVinci Code at around 8:00PM. I did wake up when my husband came home from computer repairing, but went back to sleep. I have had a lot of inspiration - including how to organize my time to accomodate my new Reading Specialist class (which requires a 15 hour practicum with a struggling student), how to re-organize my classes (5 of my students are graduating to regular Language Arts classes), and a yen to clean house (I am sure that will pass...).

I hope that this means that I am recovering from my jetlag induced and rugrat infected cold that I have been nursing for about a week. My husband is now coming down with it, and this means that I will no longer be the sickest person in the house. You know how men are when they are sick!!!! He already hijacked my next to last Doliprane - a fizzy form of acetaminophin that the French use in case of "les états fébriles et douloureux" (feverish and painful states). I just took the last - the last vestige of French painkiller I have. Well, if you don't include the Calvados, Cassis, and Blackberry cordials I brought back with me... ;-)

At the moment, I am doing okay after the loss of Connolly - my companion of 14 years, and the best dog ever!!! I have added an image of her to my blog, with a link to the date of her demise. Somehow, I will add a little something below it. I was able, however, to add the picture, in place of my "send an e-card" option (which I don't think anyone was using). The rest will have to wait. I really will have to revisit some of my website building books and notes - if you don't use it, you will definitely lose it!!! I appreciate all of the kind words and notes about Connolly, though.

What else? Oh, I saw Memoirs of a Geisha last night. I tried not to go to Rotten Tomatoes and see what other people thought. I was really going for the look. I knew that there was no way that any movie could capture the voice and the intricacy of the book. Also, in the book, it doesn't seem quite so - well... sick? - that a grown man sponsors a little girl to grow up and later become his concubine. That just hit me more specifically yesterday. On the other hand, isn't that just about the same premise as Daddy Long Legs the old Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron movie? Hey, at least the guys waited until the girls were legal...

Yesterday, I started a Life Coaching folder on my laptop. While I was in France, I sent a letter to Cheryl Richardson in response to her request to work with a client going through her "midlife crisis". Haven't heard from her yet, but that's not stopping me! I just sent in a request to join a Life Makeover Group in my area. I am also an avid follower of Nancy Marmolejo, another life coach. In my folder, I have downloaded PDFs about True Values - an inventory that is mentioned in Stand Up For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson.

I also really like Nancy's podcast about New Year's Resolutions - She recommends doing an Inventory of successes from the past year, and including a Wish for this year. Love it!!! I am gearing up for the New Year, also, by listening to my Three Part Audio Extended Forecast for 2006 by Rob Brezsny of Free Will Astrology. It is well worth the money - I am transcribing it for future reference!

I know, I am very chatty this morning! I will post more later!!!

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