Playing Catch Up!!!! 2:54 p.m. 2006-01-14

First - I am back up on E-Bay!!! Check out my Auctions. I am NOT lying when I say that I have very few left of the shrine frames. My current source has dried up!!!! I will be looking for alternatives, though, hopefully ones that don't involve my buying, oh say, 1000 at one time....

My best friend - also a subscriber to automatic updates from Notify List - reminded me that I did not send notifications of new entries while in France. I forgot at first to do this, because I was trying to be quick and not to be a computer hog on someone else's computer. Later, when I remembered - maybe from an Internet cafe - the Notify List interface would not cooperate.

Soooo... some of you may want to get caught up with these entries:

Second Day in Paris
Snow is Hard!!
Saint Sylvestre
Shopping and Sleeping and Eating...

I will try and get caught up and finished with a couple of entries about my stay in Poitiers, as well as the long, LONG, trip home!!!

More later: I have to go get my Geisha on!!!!

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