Long time, no hear... 9:39 p.m. 2005-07-14

So sorry I haven't updated in a while. Even though we went to the trouble to bring my laptop along on our vacation to Texas, I didn't spend as much time on it as I thought I would! And just two summers ago, I was able to add to TWO blogs from internet cafes in Mexico! Ah, life is slower there... in Texas, it's all activity!

In addition to that, I have been trying to help my husband get ready to take a bunch of Latino boys to Boy Scout summer camp. Yep, I will be free as a bird next week. I plan on sleeping all the time. Not really. I will be having a slumber party at a friend's house one night, and I will go up to camp in Blairsville to accompany a group of the boys to their horseback riding experience. I will probably spend the night up there that night.

We are also trying to scramble to get things together for our accountant to complete our extension. So you see, summer isn't all fun and games.

I am taking a break from E-Bay auctions this week, yet I still managed to have an order for a Blue Dog Shrine. That is gratifying! I am spending a lot of time organizing all of my arts and crafts supplies, and throwing a lot of stuff out that I don't need. There is still a lot to do there.

I seem to have calmed down a bit from my Tarot.com obsession. My NEW thing is the expanded audio horoscope feature of Free Will Astrology. It's pretty awesome. I also can pay for it using my PayPal account, which I like a lot. I am able to replay the Real Player many times without paying again, and I have gotten pretty good at transcribing.

Still not convinced? Here is my Leo Horoscope for week of July 14, 2005:

An archaeologist found 2,000-year-old date seeds in an excavation at King Herod's palace on Israel's Mount Masada. He brought them back to a lab at his university and left them in a drawer. They eventually caught the attention of botanist Elaine Solowey, who decided to see if they'd grow. Seven months later, one plant was over a foot tall and had six healthy leaves. An ancient seed, lifeless for so long, had bloomed. I foresee a comparable development in your life, Leo: You will retrieve a dormant kernel or fading ember from the past and bring it to vibrant life.

I like the way Rob puts his horoscope. It is easier not to take too literally. I always copy it, print it, and put it in my journal (the one I write by hand). The expanded audio doesn't just elaborate, it gives you more to reflect on. Last week's was really deep. Here is this week's for Leo (transcribed by me, so it may not be verbatum):

Leo, are you aware that, in the past, luck has accumulated around you in abundance, but you have not claimed that luck? Are you aware of that? Do you realize that there have been more than a few times when blessings have been headed your way, but you have avoided them with a hardened heart. Leo, are you willing to examine the possibility that maybe sometimes gifts are offered to you in a quiet, indirect way, but you are too busy looking for the gifts that are thrust right in front of your face and in your lap to take advantage of the less obvious gifts. Are you willing to examine that possibility, Leo?

Frankly, I am a little worried about you not fixing this problem in time to gather in the goodies that are on their way to you right now. Iím a little worried, Leo, that you may even spot opportunities out of the corners of your eyes, but think that they couldnít possibly be as good as they look, or think that they couldnít possibly be for you, or think that you couldnít possibly deserve them. Iím worried about that, Leo.

So please ease my mind, will you? Live down your reputation as the legendary luck loser. Live down your reputation as the wondrous miracle ignorer. Please, Leo, use this beautiful stuff thatís coming your way. Open yourself to it. Notice it. Be alert for it.

Iíd like for you to go even further in exploring these themes. I would like to help you understand what Iíve come to see through my own experiences and thatís this: Youíve got to make sure that youíre doing everything you can to make it easy for people to give you gifts. Youíve got to make sure that youíre doing everything you can to make it easy for angels, and animals, and God and who knows what to give you gifts, Leo.

Iím asking you Ė Iím begging you right now to cultivate your talents as a receiver. Make yourself very available for help and blessings. Eliminate any obstructions that may reside in your heart towards being happy and fulfilled and worthy of abundance. Eliminate any obstructions that are getting in the way of you getting the happiness that you deserve.

You know, no one can give you useful presents unless those useful presents are desired. Actually, unless those presents are asked for. Itís amazing how often that simple truth is ignored Ė I, myself, forget it all the time. In order to get what you want, you have to know what you want, and you have to ask for what you want.

Leo, ask for what you want this week. Ask for it very specifically, very calmly and without greed. Ask for what you want, knowing that the world will become a better place if you get what you want. Knowing that you will operate with greater efficiency and power if you get what you want. (glitch in Real Player, but I think it was about finished.)

I have been doing a lot of thinking since then. I have been listening to audio books by Cheryl Richardson for a while. I think that she's great, and even subscribe to her weekly newsletter. A problem I have had all of my life is that I like to read, talk about, and plan things I want to do to improve my life, school, you name it. It's the execution of these plans that always never happens.

I was reading a spare copy of this Extreme Self Care Program Checklist and thinking of how impossible many of the things on it were. Money is a big issue with me, but I never seem to have a problem spending it on things to make me feel better in the moment. There are a lot of things on the list, but the following items caught my eye:

-I exercise 3 - 7 times a week for at least 30 minutes, even if I have to hire a trainer to keep me on track. (I have been seriously thinking of contracting a personal trainer, and have my second trial session tomorrow morning at 9:00 A.M.)

I am expertly massaged twice a month. (I hope that a student massage counts!)

I have (or give myself) facials at least monthly. (I love going to the Atlanta School of Aesthetics, may save money by doing myself, though...)

I have my nails professionally manicured. (rarely, if ever. I need to do something about that! If I just polish my toenails and buff my finger nails, I wonder if I could get by with only once a month?)

I am working with a Personal Coach who has a track record of helping others practice Extreme Self Care and who walks the talk. (I am not ready for that yet, but when I am, I want to check out Comadre Coaching with Nancy Marmolejo.

I have a house cleaner. I have had one off and on, and she even came during my trip to water my plants. I was so happy I let her clean my house, because when we got back, everything was sooooo nice! It's definitely worth it!

I am also checking into off-loading website design onto my Auntie Sage. I need to make a decision soon, as my Bravenet web subscription expires in one week.

Now, in case you all think that I have inherited a million bucks, or have won the lottery, you would be wrong. I am just thinking out loud. Today, I watched an episode of Oprah where women were mortgaging their houses and stealing for plastic surgery. Compared to that, a little shuffling of financial priorities for my well-being seems the least I could do!

Of course, I still want to go to France! I'll keep you posted!!!

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