Too Much Time on my Hands... 1:40 a.m. 2005-06-20

Check out my E-Bay Auctions!!!! I have all sorts of old and new items up - including 8 shrines: 3 Guadalupe and 4 Blue Dog (the other is a jewelry box with the Blue Dog!).

I have also had a blast this week working on my Loteria Story Boxes. I have completed two new ones: The First Date, which has a wonderful sequined frame around the outer heart, and a cute tongue-in-cheek glass octopus in one of the scenes (if I have to explain to you the fear of "octopi" on the first date, then you have not dated enough!) and another called Milagros, or miracles.

Before you get on my case for making this whole entry seem like a commercial, I have to let you know that this is my most productive week yet! After a couple of weeks of escapism and sloth, I have finally finished some of the projects I planned on this summer. Oh, there are MANY more... but with the help of Netflix and my new VISA card, those should come to fruition!

So, what does a teacher do when she is off during the summertime? Hmmmm....:

1. Sleep. I have not gotten up before 11:00 AM in a while!

2. Stay up late. The flip side of the sleeping thing is that I am often up until midnight or even as late as 3:00 AM, watching DVD's, working on crafts projects, sorting sequins...

3. Can I just say that it has gotten really bad? I have only 70 karma coins left and I am going to try and quit after that! Unfortunately, that leaves me still with,, and Free Will Astrology.

(In fact, as I write right now, I am doing something I have never done before. I have PAID $6.00 to Rob Breszny, of Free Will Astrology, for a Real Audio extended horoscope reading...)

Aie, aie, aie....

4. Spending money. Oh, yes, I apparently think that I am made of money. If I want sushi, I buy it. If I want most things, I buy them! I consider it a major accomplishment that I spent 2-3 hours in Lenox Square Mall and only spent $24.00.

5. Eat and drink. Well, if you are wondering, YES, I have been drinking... I have had three Kirs - that would be white wine with cassis to you.

A HA! But that is all going to change! Right soon. Tomorrow, I plan on visiting a local L.A. Fitness, and my first of Weight Watchers meeting.

See, now do you believe I am drunk?

But seriously, I am. Since I am made of money, I have calculated how much it will cost to try and get in better shape in the next 8 weeks. I plan a dramatic transformation before I darken the halls of my middle school on August 15th. Okay, if not dramatic, then at least, noticeable!

I need to go to bed! After this great morning of wellnes, I plan on taking a friend and her mother to the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead for tea!


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