Worked Out! 11:22 a.m. 2005-07-15

Okay, I did it. I went to the gym, where, for a half an hour, a personal trainer worked out my upper body. This was my second trial training session. He gave me another because his "boss" didn't think that he worked me hard enough. That was my lower body, and my calves hurt for days.

I am typing this right now, because tomorrow I will probably have no feeling in my upper body.

So, yes, I signed up for three training sessions a week - for a total of one year. As I said this morning, I am sure as hell not going to do this by myself!!!! I promise that I will try not to be too annoying about the whole deal. I have my first official assessment on Monday morning at 9:00 A.M., then we plan out my sessions. I am hoping to get the worst of the breaking in period over with by the time students arrive at school, which is one month from Monday!

Next step: actually look at the Weight Watchers materials that were given to me on July 2nd. I think that actually looking at the program might remind me to PLAN what I am eating, instead of just assuming that, since I have been a member of WW 7 other times, that I know everything. It would seem obvious that I don't.

I am also helping to light a fire under my hubby to get our tax info in to the accountant by today. Tomorrow will be dedicated to packing him up for Boy Scout camp. Sunday, I cart him over to Marietta to leave at 11:00 A.M., then I go back home to bed until Monday morning ...

I am meeting a friend at Eatzi's for lunch, so I need to sign off now. I also am shopping for a new server for my website. I have one week until my Bravenet site expires. Anyone have any suggestions?

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