Single Lady Weekend 3:40 p.m. 2005-03-11

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I am still at school, waiting for my husband to get to this side of town. He is taking one of my students on a camping trip with a local Boy Scout troop, and I forgot to bring the necessary permission slips home last night from school. So, I am waiting her for the hand off. After that, I will probably spend a couple of hours snarled in traffic, only to return home to a dog that desperately needs to go OUTSIDE!!! Then, I am free as a bird!

Last weekend, I was on my own also, while my other half attended a training camp out. I had so many tentative plans: shrines to finish up and put on E-Bay, art supplies to organize, etc. Instead, I spent most of the weekend on the road. Saturday, I went to the Atlanta School of Massage for a facial and a massage.

Then, that evening, I went to Athens to see a friend. She is a new college professor in a small college town, and I went to see her new casa. It was very nice, but we were foiled in our attempt to have a night out on the town. What were we thinking, trying to go out to eat at 7:00 PM - on a Saturday night - without reservations? Beats me. We ended up at a mediocre Thai restaurant. Then, I drove home via 24-Hour Walmart and did a little shopping.

Sunday, I went to a Lutheran church in Cartersville - way up north on the other side of Atlanta. I went to visit a couple that I have gotten to know at school. The church service was nice, and their 14 year old son herded me around, telling me what to do next. My friend is in the choir, but I didn't see her much because she was behind the piano. It was Boy Scout Sunday, so I should have told my husband to meet me after his two nights of grunge - wearing his uniform for the entire camping trip.

After the service, I went to lunch with a former student and her family at a Mexican restaurant in Cartersville. It was good to see her - she's one of my successes.

My final stop was in Dallas - to see my Lutheran friends' new house. They are from Brazil, and one of them is a citizen already. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever seen. He and his wife work as para- professionals at my school, and he works nights and Saturdays as a pizza delivery man. She stays home and takes care of their three sons, while studying to take the Praxis test in elementary education. He will take the Praxis in Social Studies afterward. It makes me embarassed to complain about anything!

But still, I do... Last night was the second of the first course of my 15,000 hour Reading Certification Course that I am being required to take in order to become Highly Qualified to teach what I have been teaching for 4 years! The course is five hours each Thursday night, and of course, I spent a lot of time that day preparing my assignment... I am trying to keep a good attitude about it. So far, I have made a crack to the effect that I am trying to think of this as my Ladie's Night Out - except without the drinks and strippers!!!!

I kill myself!!!

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