Procrastination Day 8:23 p.m. 2005-03-12

Check out my E-Bay auctions!I still have the Frida Shrine to bid on! ;-)

Last night, after writing my blog, I met my husband at his Boy Scout rendez-vous nd dropped off the necessary papers, I did what any married woman would do when given a night off on her own: I took the long way home via three Hobby Lobby stores and one WalMart. Then, I went home, made a margarita and a sandwich, and watched the Six Feet Under, Season Two DVD I had left. Then, I had another margarita...

I worked on my website - adding two pages - one for my Story Boxes and one for my Guadalupe Shrines. Check out Maison Celeste! I got to bed at around 1:00 AM and slept 'til almost 11:00 AM.

My massage appointment was at 1:30, so I got up and went to eat sushi at Toyota Ya first. The massage was good. I ran a couple of errands and went home to feed the dog. Then, I took her to small town Buford for a sunset walk. The weather was so awesome! It was 71 degrees and sunny! I hope my husband is having a great time on his camping trip!

I just had a great serendipitous encounter! I was at the Save-Rite, picking up some of those fabulous cookies that you just put in the oven and bake. As I waited in line at the cashier, I scanned the magazines (picked up a Prevention magazine dieting issue!), and waited patiently. Finally, as the person in front of me was about to have his turn, I looked at him. It was Jorge, one of my favorite students, who moved away this year!!!!

He is living with his father and apparently it is not far from my place, either. I gave him my card, with my numbers on it, and told him to call us. My husband had just been talking about trying to contact Jorge for the Boy Scout trip...

I am back home now. I ate a sandwich, and am waiting for my cookies to cool. I am on disk 4 of Six Feet Under - I also picked up the last half of Season Six of Sex and the City. I still have some Gilmore Girls to listen to, too. Maybe I will actually get some art done, too.

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