Raclette Party 9:17 p.m. 2005-02-15

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Okay, that's the end of my commercial message for this entry!

Big news!!! I am (we are...) hosting a raclette party this coming Sunday night! I haven't thrown one since last year, when I traumatized my husband by buying half a wheel of cheese for $70.00 (I honestly didn't know how much to serve per person!!!).

I need to check my sources for raclette cheese (DeKalb Farmers Market, Harry's, or Star Provisions) and see what the market price is. I also want to try Melissa's assorted fingerling potatoes, if I can find them. I saw a bag of assorted tiny purple, russet and white ones at my mother's house and that's where I got the fever for the raclette.

I also managed to purchase a duplicate Tefal Raclette Grill on E-Bay. That way, I can have one on either side of the table... or one on two tables! I may need to BUY another table!!!

I know, I get carried away when melted cheese, potatoes, and ham are involved!

I am for sure getting that lovely Citterio Fresco Rosmarino (Rosemary Ham). Yummy!

It's 10:00 and I stayed up too late last night - gotta sign off!

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