Extreme Self Care 12:00 p.m. 2005-02-23

The personal, if it is deep enough, becomes universal, mythical, symbolic. -Anais Nin (1903 - 1977)

I found a whole lot of neat Anais Nin quotes while searching for my favorite (and the motto of my website. It is: "How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?" - this is a lesson I am having to learn over and over again, apparently.

The weekend went by pretty fast - the raclette party was a success: there were 11 adults,one teenager, three children aged 3 thru 7, and one infant. It was fun, but like a three-ring circus. I also did not prepare enough in advance, and was slicing cheese and meat, setting the table, and searching for cutlery while everyone was there. Oh, well, it still went well.

Yesterday, we had a Teacher Work Day - meaning that no work was actually done. Instead, we attended all sorts of inservice lectures. I particularly objected to the 8:30 AM presentation,called "Personal Safety", which was nothing but a sales pitch for personal security devices like pepper spray and car "Help" signs. Plus, I had already seen him a couple of years ago!!

I met my mother for lunch at RuSan and ate from the sushi buffet - it was good. I got some short letters written to far-flung friends that I hope to send soon. I called my father for his birthday...

Wow - I thought I had so much to say... Oh! I have recently been listening to my new Cheryl Richardson CD, called "Stand Up For Your Life." I already have two of her other books. Lately, I have been thinking about her concept of Extreme Self Care. I did a Google Search, and found this Extreme Self Care Program, which is a checklist of things you could (should?) be doing to take care of yourself first. I also found this The Keys to Extreme Self Care on another website:

1. Put up with nothing.

Tolerations drain energy and make self-care a full- time job..

2. Have zero clutter.

Clutter and disorder disrupt the flow of energy around you.

3. Stop addictions.

Itís not worth it. Give it up, forever. Youíve got better things to do.

4. Consume minimal fat/sugar.

The wrong foods bring your body down because your body has to fight them.

5. Vigorously move your body regularly.

Energy comes from expending energy.

6. Tap into perfect sources of nourishment for you.

Itís Job #1 for humans to figure out what does nourish them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

7. Change all that is consuming you.

Weíre all being consumed by something or someone. You must fix this in order to achieve sustained self-care.

8. Connect with something much larger than yourself.

Context affords self-understanding. Self-understanding affords self-respect. Self-respect affords self-care.

9. Leave nothing unsaid.

Things that you donít say to others that need to be said corrode you make consistent self-care difficult.

10. Eliminate fear, doubt and worry.

How? By developing reserves, deciding to embrace consequences and upgrading your relationship with risk.

11. Clean out your address book.

...Until everyone in your personal address book contributes to your self-care.

12. Develop a set of 10 really, really good daily habits.

Routines make self-care easy.

Pretty tall order, isn't it?

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