Don't hate me because of my blinkies... 2:04 a.m. 2003-04-13

I think that you will notice some changes in my diary. I am still up, tweaking my layout. I have added a new Guestbook, and here is the deal: it has annoying banner ads.

I was very pleased and proud of myself, because I had added pretty pictures and colors and it looks so much nicer than my pale yellow Sign My Guestbook one, but it has evil banner ads. Please sign up, but please do not click on the evil flashy banner ads. If you like, you can vote yay or nay for me to cough up the $8.95 per month to eliminate the ads. You may also let me know if there are other options.

I have also added a Notify List- in case you are just dying to know the moment that I update!- and a Counter. I had a Bravenet Guestmap, too, but that just seemed like overkill.

See? I do have some restraint! Later - now my scrolling box is gone! It's time to go to bed... I am disgusted!

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