T-Bone, and other steaks... 11:39 a.m. 2003-04-13

After an hour and a half of HTML hell, and with the help of a chapter on tables, I have finally come up with an acceptable layout for my journal. I have also redone my archives page.

I am very happy!!!!

I have also had some feedback on my Bravenet Guestbook - to the effect that it was not too annoying with the ads, so I think I will keep it! Because it's so darn purty!

I tweaked the Guestbook a bit to be sure it notifies me when someone signs in - I had no idea that there were two entries until I checked my link.

I also actually had someone sign up on my Notify List!!!! I will see pretty soon if that works or not!

It is the last day of Spring Break, and I am playing on the computer while my husband sleeps. He was rather annoyed at my staying up so late playing with HTML (and watching Trading Spaces and What Not To Wear on The Learning Channel. He, on the other hand, was watching some lame Val Kilmer science fiction movie about Mars. Hmmm....

We went out for dinner for his birthday - I treated to a dinner at a nearby steak house. It was quite pricey. I don't think we will be going out someplace like that for a while!!!

As we checked our messages on the way home, our real estate agent told us that he had a verbal counter offer that was only $2500 lower than the asking price, and offered only $1000 in closing costs. We had made a very low offer (about $25,000 less than the asking price and $3000 in closing costs)on the advice of one of our "real estate consultants," my husband's step-father.

When we commented on possibly insulting the owner, he replied, "That's okay. I get insulted all the time!" He's a tough old guy! He pointed out that the place has been on the market for about a year, and he had also made the calculations of what the owner must have paid for it in the first place. That takes strategizing and cajones that I do not have. I am a person that just wants what she wants.

That is why I am not doing the dealing!

So, this is just the beginning of negotiations, and things may or may not work out!

We've got plenty to worry about with my husband's car in the shop (hopefully to be finally fixed). Yesterday, after carefully figuring how many tows we had left on our AAA card, we called to have it towed to the original dealership. The dispatcher said that we would be called 10 minutes before the tow truck got there, as the car was at a Firestone about 1/2 mile away.

Almost immediately, "T-Bone", the tow truck driver, called. I gave him directions to the Firestone, and my husband insisted that we drive on down right then. Unfortunately, T-Bone was obviously direction-challenged (a liability for a tow truck driver if there ever was one!), and called several times as he circled the mall area where the Firestone was located.

This made my husband understandably concerned as to whether T-Bone could complete his mission: to deposit the car safely and accurately at the dealership on the other side of town.

Since the Firestone mechanic assured us that he had fixed the wiring for the moment, we cancelled the tow and I followed my husband as we prayed that his car would not cut out while in motion. It didn't.

By the way, just after we made the decision to cut Bubba - oops! T-Bone - loose, I saw his tow truck at the intersection just before the entrance to the mall. Oh well.

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