Some Sources Revealed... 11:30 a.m. 2006-03-12

Check out my E-Bay Auctions! I have artwork, Zarela items, and glittery Easter eggs up for auction! I really need to sell glitter eggs - please buy them!

Yesterday, I received a little bit of mocking over my raclette obsession. I think it's passed now. Still, although I like the way the individual storefront looks, I have it on my Maison Celeste CafePress Store, along with my other designs.

Interestingly enough, when I check my counter, and go the the "referrers" page - the page that shows the way people got to your site - I see a lot of searches for the Mexican enterprise called Distroller. I bought a watch on E-Bay several months ago on E-Bay that was designed by this company. Of course, the watch does not work at the moment, and the band is damaged, but it is beautiful anyway. Sometimes I just wear it as a piece of jewelry - with the band broken and all! Of course, there's this metal tab sticking out (my attempt to make the watchband work stay attached) that snags my clothing every once in a while... but that's beside the point!

After I found this watch, which has a cute cartoon of the Virgin of Guadalupe in bright colors - hot pink in the background - I did some research on the founder, Amparo Serrano, and the label, Distroller. You can read the entry. I won't repeat myself. But here's the point: The Distroller website is finally up!!! I had tried it repeatedly for months and it said that it was under construction. Go to RIGHT NOW!!! It is such a beautiful website. I am going to find a way to order a catalog, although it is available online. Love it!!! If retail weren't so shaky, I would open a franchise in Atlanta right now!

Speaking of franchises, and personal Latina heros, I am going to let the cat out of the bag. Yesterday, I went by Wal-Mart to look for the new Zarela Casa offerings. As some of you may know, I sell a lot of her items online on E-Bay. Some people have figured out my secret already - especially those other people who are also putting Zarela items up. I don't remember how I got into Zarela exactly - Oh! I remember now! It was Kathy Cano-Murillo - La Crafty Chica - that had a bag that she had made from the Zarela Loteria Shower Curtain. She was kind enough to point me in the direction of Wal-Mart, where I found more items!

I did my research, and found out on that the items were available at select Wal-Marts. I found those Wal-Marts and have made the items available to everyone - that's the way I see it, anyway. If you don't want to bid on my stuff on E-Bay, then find your own Wal-Mart, journey over there, and look for it yourself! I must warn you, however, that this can be labor intensive and frustrating at times!

So, some of the New Zarela items are out! I have to admit that I prefer last year's Loteria design to La Loteria Frutera, which is this year's design. Still, I will buy the vinyl table cloth for sure to use in my classroom. I LOVE the Dichos line (a dicho is a Spanish proverb. I am not quite sure yet about the Virgin of Guadalupe placemats - I don't know if it is right to eat over Our Lady! Finally, there is also a lovely faux cross stitch design called "La Rosa" that I like a lot!

I am very happy that she kept the Flores line - those have been very popular, especially the batea designed oval placemat. I am disappointed that she seems to have discontinued the Papel Picado shower curtain and the Pajaro Placemats, which are also based on a papel picado design.

It's a beautiful day, and I promised myself I would get OFF the computer and go outside! While at Wal-Mart yesterday, I found some gorgeous fuchsia geraniums and some other beautiful, bright flowers that I need in my garden. But, first, I need to get my garden ready for all of that. Hasta la Vista!

*P.S.- I just tried the link for the Papel Picado Shower Curtain, and OCregister put up a page for you to sign in. What a pain! If you really want to see it, do an images search in Google for "Zarela" and "casa".

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