Another Crafty Chica! 11:33 p.m. 2005-09-28

So, this morning, it was back to school, after les Jours Perdus (the new holiday I just named after our governor Sonny Perdue - get it? perdue means "lost" in French!)

I just slay myself!

Having succumbed to four days of irregular sleep hours, I went to bed at 11PM, only to wake up at 4AM. I was not able to go to sleep, and finally gave up and got out of bed at 4:30, got dressed, and went downstairs.

I got sidetracked then: It is Wednesday morning, and that means Free Will Astrology! I checked it out, and this is what it said"

"Donald Hall wrote a poem in which two men are talking. One says, "I was a fool three years ago." The other replies, "One is always a fool three years ago." I bring this to your attention, Leo, because it's a perfect moment to take a good long look at the ignorance and naiveté that clung to you in the latter half of 2002. The time is also ripe to make sure that you have corrected your erroneous ideas and cleaned up the karma that resulted from them. To do so will bring you uncanny satisfaction."

Yes, I know that you know what is coming... I immediately started tracking back, trying to find out what was going on 3 years ago. I figured that the easiest thing to do was to find one of my old journals, since it looks like my entries in my old journal on Diary-X are gone. I dug through boxes, and found 2003, 2004, 2000, 2001... no 2002!!! I must have spend a half an hour on this before I placed my mother-in-law's death in May 2003 and was able to count back from there.

Sooooo, by the time I left for school, it was a quarter to 6AM or so. I went to the Quik Trip for caffeine, and saw a female police officer run to her car and hit the blue lights and go swiftly out of the parking lot. Uh-oh!

Sure enough, cars are piled up at a stand-still, and fire trucks and ambulances come whizzing past us on the shoulder. Great! Welcome back to school!!! I turned on the radio, and heard that there was a wreck ahead and that only the two left lanes were open. I made it to school at 5 minutes until 7:00.

My kids were fairly subdued (stunned from lack of sleep and X-Box overtime?), and I got as much done as I could. I also felt compelled to take down all of my books and categorize them into subject matter: Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary, Fiction, Comprehension Reading, Listening, etc... Whew! Although today was a rumored "fight day" nothing seemed to happen in my neck of the woods.

I had a meeting after school, then I dawdled on my way back home. I stopped at the gym for my workout and only made it in time to do 7 minutes of cardio before my appointment with my trainer. Still, when I got home, I was exhausted. I went upstairs to bed, after letting the dog out, and hit the sack, sleeping for about 2 1/2 hours.

Oh! I made a new discovery!!! I was cruising E-Bay, looking for Guadalupe things. I have been looking for a nice Virgin of Guadalupe watch for a while. I think I have found it - as well as a new interesting Latina artist! I am bidding on This lovely Our Lady of Guadalupe watch by a company named Distroller (Spanish wacky spelling of "destroyer"). Very cute! The vendor had this on her item description:

"This watch is the latest thing super stars are wearing. We saw Britney Spears and Madonna with the Virgin buckle and now we have this watch with Our Lady of Guadalupe and little angels that says "Mother, please take care of me every minute" (in Spanish). These watches are HOT! and very hard to find."

Here is another one!

So, as I usually do, I tried a Google Search, and finally came up with some information on Distroller, a company run by Amparo Serrano, a Mexican graphic designer. Here is a very interesting article from a Mexican newspaper, and it says that she has stores in Mexico City, as well as Puebla, Cancun, and they are talking to franchisees in New York and Los Angeles. I only found one distributor,, a Mexican florist shop. Check out the cuteness.

I am keeping an eye on this! Although I see the cute things, apparently this designer likes to provide gifts for NON-occasions, like gaining weight, getting plastic surgery, etc. She also has a wierd sounding line of "dolls" - monster babies called "Neonatos" and a mock homeopathic line called Dr. Chui.

I just won my auction! Now, instead of going to London, I really want to go to Puebla, Mexico - I can stay with my friends, Pablo and Lisette, in Atlixco, and shop in Puebla!!!

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