Is it already Sunday night? 5:53 p.m. 2006-02-05

Check out my E-Bay auctions! I have told myself that I am not putting any auctions up this week, because I need to take a rest and get organized.

I cannot believe that it is already Sunday. As usual, I have done quite a bit - just not (maybe not...) what needed to get done. I have new calendar pages and am almost finished with the Loteria shops - at least for now. Here are the new designs:

La Corona
La Pera
La Chalupa
El Nopal

You have to scroll down to see all of the designs, but I think my favorite of the latest batch is El Nopal. The pink background of the Mexican flag was a lucky accident in Photoshop. The last one I did - just this morning - was La Chalupa Only two more to go in this series!!!

I hate to say this, but I think that I am working my way to either another cold, or a secondary infection. My throat is itchy and I am starting to sneeze again. My husband is just getting over his secondary infection. When will our house be well?

I have at least started on completing the lagging orders I mentioned last entry. I also found the missing placemats that I had already sold to someone. Yesterday was spent in a blur of Cafe Press design and then shopping. I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some new kinds of adhesives after listening to Crafty Pod's All about Glue. I then went to WalMart, and found what I needed. I also bought three new embroidered shirts and a black layered skirt, as well as a new purse (bigger and denim). Since the purse I carry is really just a big wallet on a strap, I had to buy a new wallet as well. I have yet to transfer anything yet.

After WalMart, I went to Garden Ridge. I have not been to Garden Ridge since way before Christmas and I really cleaned up yesterday. I found 4 x 6 inch shadow boxes for $1.00 each. That's right - ONE DOLLAR!!! ANNNNND, they were 25% off, so that was 75 cents!!!! They are unpainted and have plastic windows and no hanger, but you can't beat that. Look for new things coming up in that format!

I also cleaned up on Christmas candy. I bought 35 of those German chocolate Advent calendars for 9 cents each!!!! I am contemplating using them for a classroom project - the kids can eat the chocolate before they use the boxes. I just have to consult with my one Muslim and one Hindi student to see how they feel about recycling candy from a Christian holiday... I am thinking diorama, or book report...

I also bought out all of the Christmas boxes and bags of Almond Roca. The checkout lady overcharged me on one of the first round I bought, but I returned to the store after I loaded my car with the 81 shadow boxes (75 CENTS each!!!!) and bought the boxes for 19 cents and the bags for 9 cents. That will do for Valentine's candy, I think!!!!! I bought 21 boxes and 11 bags.

Yes, I am on medication already - thank you very much.

Friday night, I went to see my Brazilian family - they live way on the other side of town, so I had to ditch my trainer to stay over there and see them. My friend, a mother of three, has been battling sciatica for the past couple of months and was having a trying day. I went over, picked up the boys at school, bought them McDonald's (I am like a GOD to them!!!), then went and got real food for the adults. Her husband works nights, so he was gone, but I made sure he had leftovers.

I then hung out and got the younger boys ready for bed, refereed a dispute over an "invisible ink" ink pen that belonged to one of the boys. They are writing things willy nilly about the house, and illuminating what they wrote with a tiny blacklight. The older brother was swiping the pen and writing things out of reach of the other boys. I finally took it away from them. I am soooo mean! I had a lot of fun, though.

So, that's my weekend. I was up until 3AM last night, so I am fading fast. Is 6PM too late to take a nap?

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