Good Fortune 1:29 p.m. 2006-02-03

Check out my E-Bay auctions! I am still in the weeds as far as one or two orders are concerned, but I hope to get out by Monday!!!

I also have two more shops on CafePress - one existed already, but I made a calendar page for it. That would be La Rosa. I have had a great time working in Adobe Photoshop to make the calendar pages - Just playing around with effects! I also did a page - and then did another page that I liked better - with La Sirena (the Mermaid). I may even do one more version with a "bra" because I don't know if the breasts will be considered appropriate on a child's t-shirt... But, hey, babies like boobs, too!!!

I was so excited - I made 3 sales on my CafePress shops last week! Two were of my Mardi Gras 2006 rooster design, and one was one of my new Loteria designs: La Calavera. Someone bought a pack of buttons. I didn't really think anyone bought buttons!

Before I get too self-congratulatory, let me say that I have all sorts of commitments for school that I am not up with. I am supposed to take an online course on how to give a new assessment to ESOL students. I have to grade things. And, I did not go to my Reading class last night. On Wednesday, I left school early because I had severe G-I distress. So I just pled that again and wrote an e-mail to my instructor. I just couldn't do it...

Instead, I got an appointment for a student massage at the Atlanta School of Massage. I barely made it in time, because I talked too much with some other teachers before leaving school - and there was a traffic snarl just before the exit to ASM. After that, I wandered about in my rental car before deciding upon Chili's - where I ate too many chips and quesadilla - yes, I also had a margarita. I sat and read Creative Loafing while I ate.

There was a Pier 1 store nearby, so I browsed, looking for things that might soon come to the Clearance store near my house. I found a lovely new napkin ring with a beaded cross that I loved. If only they would detach - but they are welded to the rings pretty good!

I also spent some time at the Mall - I was disappointed not to find my favorite Caspari wrapping paper (the one I use in a LOT of my Blue Dog shrines), but picked up a new paper with bugs, and some napkins with Easter eggs on them. I went home, and watched ER - which really was a remarkable episode. It was all about the influence that a good teacher has.

After ER, I went to - where I have NOT been (in a monetary sense, anyway!) in a long time. I decided to buy some Karma Coins and do a Career Bottom Line. I asked the question: Should I stay in teaching, or break out on my own as an artist? Can I do both? This is an issue that has been nagging at me for a while. I love interacting with most kids, but the amount of BS that I have to put up with and the number of hoops we have to jump through increases every year. And that makes it not fun.

On the other hand, I am the main breadwinner for my family - and the insurance is a valuable asset. It is so hard to be part of a couple - I can no longer unilaterally make these decisions. I can, however, secretly sabotage myself so that I have no other choice but to move on. Not wanting to take the Reading Specialist class is part of that. Bottom Line: if I don't take the courses (and pass), then I have no teaching job.

But, back to the Tarot. It had some good advice, and I cut it all out and will write about it in my paper journal later. Some of the relevant things said were:

Self: When you are conflicted at work or in your career, spend some time gathering information before taking action...indecision prevails, and there are no obvious clues to help you decide which work place choices to make. Opposing forces seem to pull you apart; the left brain is arguing with the right, reason is in conflict with the heart. Although this is a difficult and painful position, timeless wisdom says to follow your heart. Do not squander your energy on premature action.

Okay, so I can't just turn in my resignation today...

Situation: Turn aside from work concerns. Guard and protect that peace that naturally resides in the depths of your soul. Delve deeply into your inner life and be responsible for guarding that treasure of inspiration and hope. Protect and nurture your interior haven of peace. Sympathizers will cover for you.

That's what I'm doing - writing my blog while my teaching assistant helps the students do make-up work!

Advice: Rediscover the idealism and optimism of youth to reinvigorate your vision of career and work. Reach deep into yourself and identify your purest, most wholesome impulses. You may have helped make the workplace a safe haven for coworkers like yourself to dream in. Now give yourself permission to have a brand new dream! Look beyond the setbacks, disappointments and frustrations that your sense of responsibility shows you so freely.

Now, look for people who, just like you, find the beauty and purpose in life and keep company with them. In the process you will refresh your daily grind by looking at it with a joyful purpose and a new sense of what's possible.

I tried to join a Cheryl Richardson Life Makeover Group, but haven't heard from anyone yet. I have been hearing from from an Artist's Way list-serve I signed up for. I just would have to be the one who starts the group!! My long-term horoscope from Free Will Astrology also suggests finding a supportive group of friends.

Challenges/Opportunities: No relationship that is realistic will expect or demand one hundred percent surrender. No healthy person would accept such an expectation in the name of love. It's not required that you rescue anyone or be rescued, or that you risk everything for another. Give up dramatic agendas.

No comment. But this is also very revealing. Not about anyone in particular, but I have always had that Prince Charming complex. But, so far, my Prince has not come...

However, that is not my Prince's fault, really - here is one of my new favorite quotes from Anais Nin:

"How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself."

Preach, sistah!!!

Long Term: Trust that the path toward the heart is correct for you. the long-term potential of your situation points to bonding, mutual understanding and harmony. you can be sure that hearts are opened, veils are lifted, and discarded vessels patched and filled.

There is enough regard and approval to heal the hearts of the people involved. Persevere with this situation no matter what it asks of you, because you will receive priceless training in how to follow the heart. You can trust this path and the people you are walking it with.

Isn't that nice? See, that's when I love fortune-telling. When it's good!!!

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