Second Day in Paris 10:11 p.m. 2005-12-29

Okay, I may have finally learned my lesson about typing entries into Notepad before posting them on Diaryland. But, probably not. Yesterday, using this French keyboard with the U.S. keyboard, I managed to hit return or tab instead of whatever letter I wanted, and lost my entry. I gave up for the day.

This is my third day in Europe - and my second full day in Paris. So far, I have managed to stave off any really negative jet lag symptoms, but I have been sleeping late. Like until 11 or 12 AM - France time. This way, I manage to have just one meal at noon or so, and then a pastry at around 5PM.

Last night, my friend, Laurence, and I met at her Metro station and went to the Latin Quarter for dinner. We stopped at an Irish pub for an aperitif, and then we went and ate IRAQI food!!! I am such a rebel!!! We ate at a place called Cafe Bagdhad (Baghdad?) and I had lamb kebabs and some really good fried potatoes. Laurence had the Baghdad plate, which was beef, a grapeleaf wrap, tabouleh, baba ganouj, and hummus. So, Iraqi food is very like Middle Eastern food. Go figure.

For lunch, I have been keeping it low-key. I had a great pizza yesterday - I stayed in the area where my friend lives - the 15th Arrondissement, and pizza is almost always good. I had a pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, artichokes, and ham. OH, and an egg cooked on top!!! It was fabuloso! I have been trying to be a good, salad-eating girl, and ordered a salade with my pizza (oh, and a Diet Coke - here, it is called Coca Cola Light...). The salade was drenched in lemon juice, and I almost couldn't eat it, although I added oil and vinegar (the vinegar was probably not necessary).

Today, I went to the Republique area, where Laurence used to live. I read in Elle about a shop there called La Pinata. They sell custom pinatas for parties, as well as some Mexican items, like paper mache and tin ornaments. I bought some Loteria items and Guadalupe as well - I know, but I couldn't resist!

More tomorrow. I just got in touch with my friend in Poitiers, so I will have a place to stay there!

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