Snow is Hard!!! 7:43 p.m. 2005-12-30

Boy, is snow ever tiring!!!! I went out bravely into the snowstorm, headed for the Metro station. Now, snow is not bad - even though it did blow into my eyes. But at least, it was dry! I spent a lot of time arranging my layers of clothing - I had decided to go to the Bastille area, where my friend told me there were a lot of shops. I rose from the Metro to see the lovely gold statue above the column of the Place de la Bastille. And, yes, I did take a picture.

My husband sent our digital camera with me to France, and he reminded me to take pictures yesterday. I am sure that he will be amused by my eclectic mix. Let's see... there's the Concorde metro station, which is filled with tiles with black letters - the whole thing looks like a giant word search. Then, there's the poster for a French Pizza Hut pizza I couldn't resist from another part of the Metro station. I think I also have a pictue of part of the Bastille mural. What can I say? Anyone can buy a postcard of the general and historical sites of Paris.

Oh, darn! I forgot to buy postcards!!!! I bought 5 stamps the day before yesterday, and haven't written any postcards yet! I have to send a postcard to my dad, at least, since he is not computer friendly. I will do that tomorrow.

I ate lunch at around 3PM, at a creperie by La Bastille. I planted myself at a relatively large table, since I wanted to cut things out and write in my journal. I had a crepe with ham, egg, and cheese, and a very nice salade - also with ham and cheese...but there was green stuff! This being close to a tourist section, my Diet Coke came from the fountain in a glass, rather than in a bottle with a glass. I had already finished my crepe and was digging into my salad when the prorietress scolded the waiter for not giving me a placemat or bread... I then splurged on a dessert crepe with chocolate and a hot chocolate to drink.

When I emerged from the cafe, the snow had turned from snow to sleet to slushy rain, which I did my best to keep off with my hood. I found a really neat shop called Maisons du Monde, which is like a chic - even more brightly colored Pier 1. And the prices were fairly reasonable. I bought little dishes that are supposed to be ashtrays, but they are sooo brightly painted that I am going to use them for something else! I also found some vases made of plastic that are a kind of take off of a blown glass Lalique vase that I have been seeing in all sorts of magazines. I may have to go back.

My friend just arrived from work - let's see what we will do tonight! She is leaving for VietNam tomorrow, so I don't think we will do much!

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