Advent Day Two 3:10 p.m. 2005-12-02

Check out my E-Bay auctions!!!! I am back to the original Loteria valentine. Don't forget that there are products for sale with this design at my Loteria Heart CafePress shop! To see all of my valentine collages, go to Maison and click on the menu at the top - it says "Valentines."

Today has been another busy day, but I have my grading up to date - meaning that on Monday I will already be falling behind!!! Being busy DOES make the day fly by, though! I need to stop with the staying up late and trying to take a nap. The day before yesterday, I was late for my training session, and yesterday, I missed it altogether!

This afternoon, I am taking my time and going to my mother's house on this side of town. We are going coat shopping at Lenox Mall. I hope that we eat sushi, too!!!

For Today's French Advent, I did a quick search on Pere Noel. If you go to Pere, there are all sorts of cute things (in French): stationary with envelopes to write a letter to Pere Noel, games, ornaments to print, cut out , and glue... It even lets you know what Pere Noel is up to right now (He's reading a book).

But my favorite French-themed Advent calendars come from Penelope Schenk. She makes online Advent calendars about the adventures of a cat named Tate, living in Paris. Read more about them Here. The calendars tell a story! Some of them are available in 4 languages! She has even added items for sale on CafePress!

I have AdBlock on my FireFox browser that was preventing my viewing all of the calendars. Fortunately, there is no problem with Explorer. Tate and the Dogsford Don is this year's "advent"-ure. Here are links to ther other stories:
Tate's Day in Bric a Brac
Tate et L'Eminence Grise"
Tate at the Market
Tate and the Baker
La Chance du Chat
Le Chat Qui Rit Cheese Shop
Tate: The Cat Who Laughed

The artist has also two other calendars:
Papa Bear's Web Advent Calendar
Papa Bear's Advent Calendar, Part Two

I just love them!!! They are very French!!!

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