Advent Day One 11:31 p.m. 2005-12-01

Check out my E-Bay auctions!!!! I am back to the original Loteria valentine. Don't forget that there are products for sale with this design at my Loteria Heart CafePress shop! I will need to put up my Guadalupe Heart up on December 12.

I have been crazy busy - I have meant to put up an online Advent Calendar starting today, but I've been making real calendars for friends and family for the past three days! I was going to start with the Jesse Tree, anyway. I plan on this Advent calendar being a countdown to my trip to France and I think that it is synchronistic that there is a famous Jesse Tree stained glass window at the cathedral of Chartres! I will have to go there - I have never been!

I have found many really cool sites regarding the Jesse Tree - some of which I mentioned in my last entry. Here is the coolest thing I have seen, with a picture of the window and suggested symbols for each day. It's sort of like an Advent calendar.

I have got to go and watch Oprah on Letterman!

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