Monday - Supposed to be working... 9:20 a.m. 2005-10-10

Check out my E-Bay auctions!!!!I was hard at work last night, working on putting some new things up. I have, for the first time, items for Dia de los Muertos! So far, I have: "sugar" skulls, which are made on a paper mache or styrofoam form, painted, glittered, and decorated to look like Mexican sugar skulls! These are about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. I also have a tinier version, which is about 3/4 inch by one inch. They used to be plastic beads on a necklace, and could be used to make jewelry! Other skull items are candy favor holders, both boxes and baskets. I plan to have my coffins up later this week, as well as a larger skull I found this year.

I also am putting out more of my newest Virgin of Guadalupe shrines. I found these fabulous wire box forms covered with sheer fabric - the front has embroidered flowers on it. I also am amassing a "collection" of Virgins of Guadalupe in fabric. My students object to any version of the Virgin that does not conform to the traditional colors, but I like the variations a lot!!!!

In case you are wondering, I am at school. It is a teacher work day, and I was the first one here on my hall. I sorted my colored pencils, and then lost interest in work and cleaning up and thought I would take a break and blog.

This past weekend was nice, but I was really tired, it seems. On Friday, I called in to my trainer and said I couldn't make it - instead, I went home and went to bed for a couple of hours. That night, my husband and I relaxed for a screening of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" - I had never seen it. Sorry, I don't get the cult-ness of it. Maybe if it had been midnight, and I had been drunk or stoned? But now I can say I've seen it!

Saturday morning, I woke fairly early - 8-ish - and went to WalMart to obsessively check in on a toothbrush holder I had sold to a man in Canada. I sold it to him a bit prematurely, and there have not been any in in 4 weeks!!! I was getting ready to go to the UPS store and finally mail his package with his other orders, and thought that I would check just one more time. No luck.

I don't know if I will be shipping outside of the U.S. any time soon again. I understood when I mailed that Blue Dog to Sweden that this would include more than just a visit to the post office. But this shipment was to Canada - no oceans to cross!!! I packed it in a Priority Mail box, and found that I could not process "international" packages on my trusty mailing machine in the lobby after hours.

So, next step, I force myself to come early and stand in line at the post office - they could not mail it in a Priority Mail box. Oy vay!!! I had to repackage it - thanks to my sister, who sent me a gift this week in the perfect sized box! - and go to the UPS store. I am ultimately glad I did, because I found out that USPS would have been $23, while UPS was only $12.

I then did something I haven't done in a while: I went to Costco and bought food. I got salmon, and salad greens, and big boxes of cereal and a case of yogurt! I also got enough canned concentrated OJ to last for the next couple of months. I am determined to start eating more healthily. I am proud to say that everything fit in my fridge and freezer!

After I got home and ate a bite, I took an afternoon nap. I then woke up and made a proper dinner of salmon, French string beans, mashed Peruvian potatoes (purple), and sliced tomatoes. I then made another store run to get cookies for dessert. I know, the cookies will have to go sometime soon...

Sunday was similar. I got up and decided to pay the extra 10 cents to prepare most of my E-Bay auctions ahead of time, then had a bite to eat, folded my clothes, and went back to sleep!!! My husband was very helpful and took pictures of skull things and Guadalupe shrines, then I did my last set of auctions. We took a little time to watch a video of La Bamba that I checked out of the library. I had never seen the movie - it was good, but I don't think that I can show it to my students.

I brought my dog to school today. She got bathed and trimmed yesterday. I am going to have to get my husband a herd of sheep or something - he seems to like de-nuding things a little too much!!!

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