My sister and the Pres 9:35 p.m. 2005-10-11

Okay, so the other day, I get an e-mail from my sister, who lives in Covington, Louisiana:

"Look for Covington on the Today Show on Tuesday! I believe they air from 7:00 - 10:00 CDT, but I'm not sure. I'm helping with Habitat for Humanity - they are delivering the homes that the Today Show is building and the Pres is coming. I had a Habitat fundraiser that I was chairing that was supposed to take place on 10/2, so we diverted the money we'd raised to relief efforts. Should be an interesting morning! I offered the executive director to invite Matt or Katie to our house if they needed a place to stay! My girlfriend and I told our husbands that we would kick them out if Matt needed a place to sleep!

If someone has a dvr, please record, as we don't have cable yet!"

Here is a story from MSNBC about the President and first lady's visit to Covington. Of course, my sister was there! Here is what she reported"

yeah, I was stalking them...the guy in the "cart" is Paul Prudhomme - almost as much of a celebrity as the Pres. Matt Lauer is a cutie, but much smaller in person! I have still photos being developed. Pres and I had a chat about Ft. Stockton and I asked Mrs. Bush to say hello to my sister-in-law on the cell phone - she chatted for a minute and Kathy didn't believe it was her!"

This was accompanied by photos - and there are more coming. Now, my sister is quite the politico - she once worked a key role in a gubenatorial race - and got to meet Bob Dole then!

Whatever your opinion about the Bushes, don't tell me you would not still be thrilled to meet a U.S. President!!!!

Today, I got a lot more done that I did yesterday - graded notebooks, and completed a week's worth of grades. I actually got to leave right after school, and headed home and - you got it - slept!!! I got up in time to eat dinner and watch the Gilmore Girls.

I got my new Distroller Virgin of Guadalupe watch in this afternoon. I couldn't wait to try it on. And, almost immediately, it broke!!! The wristband is very thick and the buckle is not very strong, so when I went to tighten it, the buckle pulled right off! I am sure I will get it all worked out - I am going to take it to a jewelry repair place this week. I am bummed - I wanted to wear it tomorrow!!! I probably still will - even if I have to duct-tape it on!

Check out my E-Bay auctions!!!! Read yesterday's entry for a description of new products!!!

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