Damn the Man! 11:58 p.m. 2005-06-01

Okay, so I have this business on the side, right? If you are not aware of this, visit the following site:
Maison Celeste

There are links there to my E-Bay Auctions, as well as to my Cafe Press Sites. I have enjoyed being creative, and love most things about this new direction that my life is taking.

Except for one. Record-keeping. Yes, I have been pretty diligent about printing out hard copies of all of my E-Bay receipts. I have even made some note of the Cafe Press totals. I have also tried to save all of the receipts having to do with crafts and business expenses.

There they lay - expressionless. And, you know what? I'm okay with that. My Maison Celeste items and art started out as a hobby, and as far as I am concerned the money was money well spent. Therapy, let's call it. Only the IRS won't accept that.

Or so I hear. My husband and I took an extension on out taxes, because we both have incurred a lot of business expenses, and we want credit for them. I do want credit, but not enough to waste my precious summertime sorting through receipts in search of Pier One statements and Visa statements to give a clear accounting of what I have spent.

Maybe I don't wanna tell anyone what I have spent... So there!

So, after an almost fight with my husband - who is trying to help me get some of this straight - I dragged my ass downstairs into the office and started sorting through things. Some things did get found, but some things didn't. Oh, well. I know that everything will turn out for the best.

Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.

Part of the annoyance is that I spent QUITE a bit of time last night (watching Gilmore Girls...) entering check statements into Quicken. And that was after two margaritas. This morning, when I dragged my butt out of bed to go to an appointment in Marietta, I asked my husband if there was anything else I needed to do. He gave no clear indication that there was, so I took that as a "that'll do, pig."

I drove to the other side of the city, had my appointment, then drove to visit some friends who live even farther out than that. We talked a bit, ate cake, and I picked up some chairs to return to my middle school. That would be my next stop, and my eye was on the clock because the sushi place closes at 2:30.

As I was approaching school, I got a phone call from the parent of one of my little darlings, who has failed 7th grade for the second time. This called for drastic action, so I had to actually enter the school, look for a counselor and ask what to do about this. Then, I had to find a free computer and send an e-mail to an administrator. I did those things and delivered the chairs. Then I called the parent as I was headed south.

Alas, I arrived at RuSan at 2:44, and there was no persuading them to make sushi for me. Instead, I drove on down to Johnny Rockets, and had a number 12 with bacon, fries, and a diet coke. That was pretty good.

Looking over last year's expenses, you would not believe how much I have spent on eating out in restaurants...

When I got home, I laid down for a nap. I had spoken to my sister about the possibility of driving down to Louisiana for the weekend to visit. I had almost convinced myself that it was possible. Never mind that I have a gynecologist's appointment Friday afternoon, followed by a massage (by a massage therapist - NOT my gynecologist, thank you very much!).

Never mind that my house is still a mess, and I am entertaining the idea of having people over the following weekend. Never mind that there are bills to be paid and my car needs new tires and an oil change. I want to have fun - dammit.

I am still thinking about it - I may or may not go. I will let you know tomorrow. Alas, even my best friend will not meet me there. Wahhhhhhh!

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