Sluggy Morning... 1:04 p.m. 2005-05-31

Yes, it is 1:05 PM and I am just getting moving. If these references to sloth piss you off or unnerve you, then picture me in the next school year: getting up at 5:30, struggling to get myself home by 4:00 PM (usually failing!), and having dreams about slapping students.

Now, say your typical drivel about how much you admire teachers, and how they don't get paid enough. Blah, blah, blah. The truth is that I am in it for all sorts of altruistic reasons (yes, I am!), but mainly for the summers off! Bah Ha Ha Ha!!!

Still, there are things that need to be done: we have extended our tax deadline, so documentation must be found (God knows where!), plans must be made for a family trip to Texas, and bills must be paid. Life goes on, or so I hear!!! That is when we must get really creative about procrastination.

My husband does this effortlessly - either by sleeping the day away or by getting a new playtoy - this week, it's the new I-Pod given to him by his brother. He also has developed a neck injury, for which he is now going to physical therapy.

Me? I am much more creative. I while away my hours trying to solve other peoples' problems (increasing my "angel" status), I plan diet programs which are promptly broken (because another thing I like to do is COOK!), I journal, I blog, I consult the Tarot, then journal about that! Then I blog some more!

You get the picture. But I have made some headway in my studio and garage. I have offloaded the sparkly eggs (purchased at Pier 1) into bags and boxes and stored them, and have done what I can with the chicken baskets. I have even done something I chastised my husband for even considering: I have stored things in the tub of the spare bathroom off of my office. Oh, the things we do in the name of crafting.

My goal is to be brutal and get rid of things - I plan a run to Good Will today - and hopefully one to an isolated dumpster tonight. I have completely given up the idea of having a garage sale because...

While I am doing this, I have been catching up on videos I have checked out from Netflix. I watched Sex and the City, Season Six, Part Two, Disk One (how obnoxious was that?)and have fallen in love with Mikhail Baryshnikov - who knew he was so - so - so fabulous? My mom, for one.

I am going to break down today and purchase Season 3 of The Gilmore Girls at Costco, because I have sent all of my DVD's back and I cannot wait for those to come in!!! I may even go to Blockbuster and see if I can finish off the SATC season. Although I regret to hear that Petrovsky (played by Mikhail) turns on us in the end. How sad.

Now, I love me some Mr. Big, but he has NOT aged well...

Okay, time to go run errands. Things are peachy, my dog is on medication, so she is no longer peeing on my carpet... I will keep you posted!

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