Hello from New Orleans 10:25 p.m. 2004-12-21

Yup! I'm in New Orleans for a little break. It was a spur of the moment decision, and my husband and I would never have come if we had not had a fantastic offer! My sister has a neighbor with a sweet apartment in the French Quarter, and she asked if we could stay there. So, here we are!

We left on Sunday afternoon, driving through the snow in Georgia to get as far as Mobile. We stayed in a sub-standard Best Western, where we were awakened at 3:45 AM by a group of people clomping up the stairs, dragging rollerboards - we were right by the stairs...

We were a great little aunt and uncle, who got up at 5:30 to make for Covington, LA, where our nephews were taking part in their elementary school Christmas pageant. We then made our way across Lake Ponchartrain, stopping for the apartment key first. On the other side, we managed to find a Post Office, so I shipped 8 e-Bay sales from Louisiana.

We had po-boys at a restaurant called Ragusa's, then went to the French Quarter to find our home away from home - on Decatur Street. And now, I will refuse to leave. I am very happy here and am now leaving everything in Atlanta to become a Quarter character. This is the life!

Yesterday was chilly, but we managed to walk around for a while, then go to bed. Today, the temperatures were in the seventies, and my dad came into town to meet us. We ate at the lovely Bon Ton Cafe on Magazine Street, and I had the Crabmeat Imperial, a lovely salad with the Bon Ton Vinaigrette, and shared the Bread Pudding in Whisky Sauce for dessert.

We bummed around the French Market for a while, where I purchased 2 boxes of different Blue Dog cards. I have sold four of my shrine frames with Blue Dog cards on E-Bay, and people are asking for more. I will gladly oblige!

While my husband napped, I shopped some more. I also placed business cards advertising my CafePress.com t-shirt designs anywhere I could think of, hoping to lure people to buy my Valentines.

My sister, with the kids and a friend of my niece's, came in to meet us then, and we went to the French Market Restaurant for dinner. I had a dozen very unevenly proportioned oysters on the half shell, and we went to look at Christmas decorations and to eat beignets at the Cafe du Monde.

So, I am going to commandeer the apartment, and stay here forever. I probably don't want to teach school here, but I will be happy anyway. Merry Christmas to me!

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