The Party's Over... 10:32 p.m. 2004-12-23

We're back from the Big Easy, and I am now continuing to trash my abode with crafts projects. Today, I am working on the Pour Deux Baker!

Well, yesterday, just as I was getting used to the idea of moving to the French Quarter, the Crescent City gave us a little dose of reality.

I set out to get something for breakfast, and thought that I would just check on my little car. We had moved it to avoid another ticket for being too close to a crosswalk... I thought I had picked a pretty good place, but alas, my car was gone.

I walked around for a while, just to make sure I had not parked it elsewhere. Apparently, they clean the streets in the French Quarter - a different street each day. There was a sign saying that that street would be cleaned on Tuesday, but it had been taped over. Evil people.

I went back to the fab apartment to break the news to my husband, and he located the powers that be on the internet. He called to find out where it was, and we walked a little over a mile to the lovely outsides of the Quarter, under Interstate 10, to pay $125 to get my car out of jail.

Apparently, New Orleans will not be shorted when it comes to money spent! The incident did give me an idea for a board game, though - Parking in the French Quarter! So far this week, that makes 2 tickets and one tow for the LeTard family! Time to go home!

We went and bought some lovely photo prints from a local artist, cleaned the apartment, and packed the car. It seems that my mojo was a bit down, since we didn't go far enough on I-10 to see the Causeway exit, and had to make two more sweeps from east to west to finally make it out of the city!

After dropping off the keys with my sister, we headed back towards Atlanta. We stopped in Greenville, Alabama to spend the night - we were taking it easy on ourselves. We got home today around 1PM after picking up the doggie.

I spent almost an hour in Kinko's trying to figure out how to print the front of each recipe card with the appropriate back. I really thought it would be easier, but it took several manipulations before I was able to NOT have a recipe start with meat pie and end with pecan pie.

I was very relieved that the party we were supposed to appear at was cancelled. I know that sounds really anti-social, but I am tired. And my house is a mess...did I mention that?

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