Still Crafty! 3:11 p.m. 2004-03-19

Current Listening: A Far Distant Place by Danielle Thomas
Current Reading: La Casa Loca and Making Shrines and Altars by Kathy Cano Murillo
Recipes of the Day: Menu and Recipes for an Afternoon Tea

I know, where have I been? Seems like I have Spring Fever - and Craft Fever - at the same time. I have been working very hard on refinishing the carved frames I bought from the Pier One Clearance store - I have only 5 more to "distress." I am saving the last 20 to see how the first batch sells.

I have also been making coasters - I bought 340 of them from the Pier One Clearance store and am re-painting and decoupaging them to re-sell. I have a lot based on my favorite theme - La Loteria! - but have also found some other motifs to use for variety.

Last, but not least, I have to find some way to age the tin on the hammered tin frames I bought. I also need to add pictures. All of the frames I have bought for resale have room for a 3 by 3 picture - actually, the opening on the hammered tin frames is even smaller. My husband gave me a brilliant tip about using photo quality paper for the prints - it really looks nicer!

I also purchased the Nueva Loteria games, as well as the mini-Loteria games, and have them ready to sell. I brought some things to show my therapist, and he bought both versions right there!

Last weekend, I made a trip to the big malls - Lenox and Phipps - and discovered Urban Outfitters! It was so much fun! I am already a fan of Anthropologie, and they are owned by the same company. While I was there, I came upon a sale on these cute little 6-drawered dressers with a fold-down mirror. They are jewelry box sized, but were painted this pinky lavendar color. I bought 5 of them for $7.50 apiece and plan on re-painting and embellishing them. I went back later this week for the broken dresser (hinge broken and missing a drawer knob) and had to wrangle with the purple-haired Gen-X employees over the price. Seems that the 50% off was only for the weekend! I finally got a manager and he sold it to me for $7.50. We'll see what I do!

I received my copies of Kathy Cano Murillo's craft books mentioned above. I LOVE them! I have been collecting all manner of items with the idea of making shrines and altars. Some examples are a small open dollhouse (I am going to paper mache and decorate!) and various cigar boxes and tins. My favorite are the cute tins that AOL sent out last year to hold their newest CD version. I am dying to work with those!

Next weekend is the Abita Springs, Louisiana town-wide garage sale. I am going to sell frames, Loteria games, and coasters. I don't know if I will have any boxes or dressers done by then - we'll see!

This weekend is the Urban Market on Means Street. It is so much fun. At $250 for a booth space, though, I don't see myself exhibiting there any time soon!

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