Fun Saturday 10:44 p.m. 2003-08-16

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Recipe of the Day: Seafood Paella, Prosecco Sangria, Flan

This was a pretty good day! Last night, we went to see Seabiscuit (I had already seen it, but my husband hadn't) and got home at around 1AM. I slept until 9:30 or 10:00, then got up and let the dog outside. I did some serious blogging on my It's All About the Food website, including adding links to some of my favorite places for food in Atlanta. Click on the "Recipe of the Day" link above for details! More places to come!

Today was the birthday for one of my old friends, Eric, and we met him and a lot of his friends at La Fonda Latina, a Caribbean/Mexican food place on Ponce de Leon Avenue. We didn't know but one other person, another old friend named Bill, but I was happy to see them both. I have been way too anti-social as of late.

Before we met the others, we went to a lovely part of Atlanta called Virginia-Highlands. It is a funky, too-upscale-to-really-be-Bohemian neighborhood with artsy boutiques and shops and trendy restaurants. My husband bought me a beautiful beaded necklace with a rhinestone cross pendant. I love it! I also found the cutest little book. It's called First Book of Sushi. Look:

Is that not the cutest thing you have seen lately? There are others in the series: Yum Yum, Dim Sum, Let's Nosh, and Hola! Jalapeno! It almost makes me want to go and have a baby!!!!!

I said almost!

Eric had mentioned in his Evite that they were going to see an a cappella group afterwards, and I didn't mention it to my husband until this afternoon. He immediately said, "I wonder if it's DaVinci's Notebook?"

It certainly was. My husband has worked in the music industry as a journalist, and gets a lot of CD's and publicity information for bands and artists. He has received maybe two of this group's CD's, which feature such zingers as "Enormous Penis" and "Ally McBeal". So, we decided to go ahead and see them.

We had a great time - these guys are so funny! A sample question to the audience: "Just so that we can get a feel for our audience, can we ask how many of you have owned any 20-sided dice?" Hands were raised. Heck, my hand was raised.

In case you are wondering, it was a reference to role-playing games. My husband was into Dungeons and Dragons, while I participated in a GURPS group - to meet guys, I admit!

There came a time in the show when it was explained that requests would be taken, but it did not seem to be requests for fan's favorites, like the songs above, or "Secret Asian Man" - a song some or our table mates were disappointed not to hear. My husband rose to the challenge, patiently yet insistently raising his hand until the explanations were done. He requested an Italian Renaissance Madrigal.

They called him a smartass, and made him go to the front and wear a toilet seat on his head. He did this in good grace, although he swore up and down to me later that he did not think that this was an uppity request for an a cappella group...

They just needed someone to wear the toilet seat.

To other people, they handed out bizarre items that they claimed to have picked up at a local drug store: a whoopee cushion, a box of two douches... I raised my hand after they had called on someone who asked for a Shania Twain song (that turned into "Stand by Your Man") and some other strange song. I had had an inspiration!

Unbelievably, they acknowledged my hand, and I said, "Are you sure? I'm his wife," pointing to my husband, toilet-seat free. They nodded, and I asked,"Could you sing the theme song to 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?'" This was a great TV game show that taught geography to kids. I loved it, and used to watch it when I was teaching in Monticello.

They did not make me wear the toilet seat, and even honored my request, making up some of the words. They thanked me for making them sing a song by "a more successful a cappella group" than themselves (there was a group called Rockapella on the Carmen Sandiego show), and awarded me a fragrant box of Mexican dryer sheets.

It was a lot of fun. If you have a chance to see them in you town, check them out!

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