On Writing 1:05 p.m. 2003-08-06

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Current Listening: On Writing by Stephen King
Current Reading:Cuba Diaries: An American Housewife in Havana by Isadora Tattlin
Recipe of the Day: Lower Calorie Pepperoni Individual Pizza and Individual Veggie Pizza

Can I just say how much I am enjoying my book on CD, by Stephen King? He narrates it, too. Luckily, he reads very well, and has a sense of humor. He also has some very good advise on writing. Go now, and buy the book or CD! He also quotes and recommends The Elements of Style, by Shrunk and White, so I guess I will get that off of Amazon.com soon.

I also found some good discussion websites about the book: Authors on the Web, with questions and answers for published authors who have read the book, and Written Road Blog, a reflection on reading the book, with responses from other readers.

Say what you will about Stephen King - and I have heard many say things - he is an expert storyteller, able to put me in the place of the story as effectively as Larry McMurtry, or Margaret Mitchell, or any other contemporary author. His characterizations are inspired, and he does quite well at mimicking dialogue, and the voices that are inside of our heads.

I went through a long Stephen King phase of reading while still in high school, and have read The Stand at least 5 times (?). I don't read him as much, now, but I have listened to some of his recent books - on tape, while travelling.

I will speak more about the book as the week goes on, and may even re-listen to it before I go on to my next book on tape. So far, he has told me to stop watching TV and to read and write as much as possible. That may help me resist the reconnection of our cable service. We'll see. Last night, I fiddled with the rabbit ears, and endured poor reception, in order to watch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I had missed this past season. Earlier, I had watched a re-run of the Dr. Phil Show.

Old habits are hard to break! At least I am writing, after a fashion, in my journal(s)!

Gotta go! I have a faculty meeting, then I am off to the therapist.

By the way, I am not moving classrooms. Nathalie was disappointed, but I am relieved. My room is still a mess, from the flooding, but at least I don't have to move everything clear to another building!

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