The Grind! 7:35 p.m. 2003-08-05

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Sorry I haven't updated. I am back in school, and, when I arrived on Monday morning, my classroom had big puddles of water all over the floor! I immediately informed the custodians, and they have set a huge industrial drying fan in there to try and dry things out. Then they will need to re-wax.

So, yesterday, I went home early, and got very little done. Nothing, actually, having to do with school. Today, I set up my things in the teacher's lounge down the hall - which has no working ethernet connections, it seems - and planned out what resources I would use this year. As usual, I am over ambitious, especially considering I am losing 12 minutes from my original class time. Oh, well, at least I have a plan.

But, I may also be changing rooms. This will be, like, the 5th time that I have moved my stuff in 5 years? The pros are that I would be taking over the former German teacher's room, which is on the same hall as the French and Spanish teacher, as well as my ESOL colleague. It's a bigger room, with actual windows, and it's on the second floor, making it unlikely to flood. It's also handy to the language and computer labs.

On the con side, there is a lot less storage than my present room, which has bookshelves, cabinets and a closet with more shelves built right in. I would also have to move all of my stuff, and take down all of my posters. Ugh!

But, at least I will be next to my French friend, Nathalie!

Things are still shaky with the situation at my husband's school, and, although I am not at liberty to talk about his stuff, please keep him in your thoughts.

Tomorrow is packed with meetings, and speakers, and then I have an appointment with my therapist. Good thing, too!

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