Oaxaca 11:13 a.m. 2003-07-22

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Recipe of the Day: Chapulines con Guacamole, Atole con Cajeta, Mexican Hot Chocolate

We had a delay on our bus to Oaxaca yesterday, and didn´t leave Puebla until 1PM (we had Pablo´s driver take us to the bus station at a quarter to 7, but the bus seats for the 8AM bus were sold out, and in the time it took for me to check another bus line for an earlier bus than 10:45, that was sold out, too!

My husband and I were adventurous, and put our bags in a storage place, took a taxi to the center of Puebla and did some souvenir shopping. There was not a lot open, but I managed to buy a nice jar and cross, and some tiles! I saw the exact cross that you gave me from Cozumel! I resisted the urge to buy spice containers - even though they were cute!

It took 4 and 1/2 hours by bus from Puebla to Oaxaca, AND there were no refreshments offered. Even our 90 minute trip from Mexico City to Puebla merited a measly drink! And, I remember ETN, from Mexico to Morelia had sandwiches and drinks (three years ago)!!!! I wonder if they are not doing so much of that - sort of like the airlines not serving meals now!

On another note, you must have nerves of steel to be a bus driver here in Mexico! Our driver committed several traffic crimes, but got us there in one piece!

Last night, we checked into the Holiday Inn Express, and are going to go ahead and stay another night, for a slightly lower price. Then, on Wednesday, we have a 4 and 1/2 hour trip to Mexico City and about that long from there to Morelia. I should have brought my third book, because I have finished one book already, and am halfway through the second!

We were here for the last night of the Guelaguetza, and got to see some musical performances, including the local communist labor party marching around the square to music, and an all-man guitar group singing in the streets. And, I ate GRASSHOPPERS! See my food blog for details!

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