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I am now adding a link to my new Recipe Blog (There, I linked it again, in case you didn't notice it above!). ;-) Eventually, I will learn to link directly to the recipe - as people may read previous posts and wonder why they have to scroll to get a new recipe! I also am looking into an new dealie on Bravenet that allows one to execute a search on your own website... Tricky Tricky!

I spent some time this afternoon adding a Guest Map and Counter to my Recipe Blog, and am wondering if another Guestbook would be overkill... But, since when have I been worried about that!? ;-) I have one more stray guestbook around from that I am not using - so that could be it!! Let's do it!

By the way, I cannot say enough good things about - if you have a blog or website, they offer all sorts of super things, including a photocenter, tell-a-friend announcer, daily cartoons, guestbooks, counters, guestmaps, mailing lists, webrings, polls! Awesome stuff, and it's free, if you can handle a little pop-up action on your site!

Today, I finally did some calculating on the costs of our trip to Mexico. I just like to have some idea! Here is our tentative itinerary:

July 16 - Board our morning flight, which changes in Dallas/Ft. Worth. We will meet my dad, who is flying in from Houston. Fly into Mexico City, take a bus to Puebla, get picked up by Pablo, go to Atlixco.
July 17 - Relax, check out Atlixco, hang at the ex-hacienda of Pablo.
July 18 - Go into Puebla, shop, eat, sightsee.
July 19 - Stay in Atlixco, or do whatever our host wants us to do!
July 20 - Day trip to Veracruz - by bus, or rent a car.
July 21 - Wake up in Atlixco, then go to Oaxaca - by bus or rent a car. This is one of the Mondays of the Guelaguetza, an annual fiesta in Oaxaca! I hope it's worth it - I spent enough for the hotel room!
July 22 - Wake up in Oaxaca, return to Atlixco in the afternoon.
July 23 - Take bus from Puebla to Mexico City, then take another bus to Morelia. I don't think we will spend a lot of time in el D. F., but stranger things have happened - especially if my Dad gets a lead on some vintage postcards!
July 24 - Spend day in Morelia, sightseeing, maybe a visit to the Instituto Baden-Powell, where I took Spanish lessons.
July 25 - Wake up in Morelia, take a bus to Patzcuaro. Buy many crafts. Spend the next two nights in Patzcuaro.
July 26 - Sightsee around Patzcuaro, and definitely make a trip (by taxi?) to Paracho, where my husband hopes to get a bargain on a guitar! I would love to go to Tzin Tzun Tzan and Santa Clara del Cobre, as well as Uruapan, but we probably will not make it to all places!
July 27 - Return to Morelia, maybe via some of the places mentioned above, and celebrate our final night in Mexico!
July 28 - Take a bus to Mexico City from Morelia (hopefully one that goes directly to Benito Juarez Airport! - if not, taxi to airport from bus station) and board our afternoon flight back to Atlanta, via Dallas/Ftl Worth. Dad will go back to Houston.

Whew! Of course, many of those plans are flexible - except for those that involve hotel reservations, that is. I can't believe it's only a week away!!! Summer school is almost over, and I finally got my paycheck - I believe that it was worth it - it will be paying for the trip, as well as some pieces of furniture. I will upload images, and you can view the new pieces online - tomorrow maybe.

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