Furniture Decisions 11:56 a.m. 2003-07-09

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I finally got paid for summer school, and am obviously just itching to spend the money! I mentioned before my trip to Nadeau Imports with my mother and sister, and I am now making some decisions about furniture purchases.

On the wall between the kitchen and the dining room windows, I am going to place a china cabinet:

I am going to display some of my carnival glass, along with other colored glass. I am definitely getting this piece.

I had the idea of planning our master bathroom around a photo print that my husband purchased in Colorado for me of a Grizzly Bear taking a bath. It's called Morning Bath, and is in light blues and grays, with a brown bear. So, we are going to paint the walls the same light blue-gray as the bedroom walls, frame the print, and decorate accordingly. I am going to purchase this cabinet to use as extra storage:

I was looking at a larger cabinet, with five tiers and glass doors that open up, but I like the grillwork on this one, and I can put things on top of it.

Those are the definite purchases, but I am also in love with a blue painted TV armoire that I saw:

I really, really want it, but it is about the price of the other two pieces combined, so I am trying to restrain myself and consider it after the trip to Mexico.

As a house-warming gift, my mother and sister bought us a lovely blue and white mosaic tile table. It is to go on the deck, but right now it is gracing the kitchen, until I can get a round table-top to put my Provencal table cloth on.

By the way, we finally installed my iron bed in the master bedroom, with it's new hammered pewter paint job, and it looks fantastic! Now, to do a little furniture moving around on Saturday (and maybe Friday) and we can rest a while.

Gotta run! I promised I wouldn't blog all day!

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