Discovery Journal 9:01 a.m. 2003-06-26

Drive Time: 36 minutes!
Current Listening: Selling Ben Cheever, by Benjamin Cheever
Current Reading: A Cook's Tour by Anthony Bourdain
Current Viewing: Season Two of Sex in the City

My dog knew something was up - after trolling the back bushes in vain hope that she would poop there, getting mosquito-bitten, I screamed at her to poop, and took her inside while I endeavored to cool off (both emotionally and physically). While I was on the phone with a friend, my husband tried to walk her out back, but no luck.

So, I was forced to take her out of the subdivision (can't poop in other people's yards!), where she finally did her business. Anal-retentive, control freak dog!

I was already annoyed and worn out from lugging our new Oriental carpet up the stairs and placing it in the living room. It really annoys me that I get out of breath so easily. Just one flight of stairs and I was huffing and puffing! I just didn't feel like taking a walk, and was hoping the dog would cooperate!

I purchased a copy of The Illustrated Discovery Journal : Creating a Visual Autobiography of Your Authentic Self by Sarah Ban Breathnach, and did some more work on it. It is a collage journal, and I had already worked on the collage about body stereotypes.

Yesterday, I finished the one on Exercise. I looked through magazines and cut out pictures of exercises that I loved. Well, since I don't love to exercise, except for horseback riding, I cut out pictures of exercises I would like to try, and thought I might like. It was divided into two sections.

The first section, on the left side of the page, was a "relaxing" theme. I put pictures of horseback riding, yoga, and flamenco dancing, along with key words to that theme. In the past, I have tried all three, but am not doing any of them. I would like to resume horseback riding in the fall, but haven't found an instructor yet. I tried flameco dancing, but couldn't bear to look at my clumsy, heavier body in the mirror. I have purchased a beginning yoga tape, but don't like it so much, as it just gives you a demo of the positions, and then you are supposed to make your own routine. But I do see the need to find something to de-stress.

On the other side, I have the words "How to Love Exercise", or some such nonsense, and I do have pictures of walking and hiking there. I do walk, but probably not enough, and I don't progress - say, in going faster. I found a picture of Oprah and Bob Greene, her personal trainer, because having a personal trainer is something I would love to be able to try and afford. I did some research on that months ago, but feel guilty spending that much money on myself. Perhaps I'll start with that, and later, use that money for riding lessons. I can't do both.

I couldn't find pictures of other dance-like exercises I could try - such as belly dancing, Jazzercise, or aerobics, but those are possibilities. I probably should try weight training as well. I purchased a set of videos made by The Firm at Costco, but have only watched them, not tried them.

As a joke, but one that may be serious, I cut out a picture of a woman in boxing gloves. Maybe that would help me release some frustration!

All in all, the exercise was great. I did it while watching Oprah and Dr. Phil. I keep a lot of magazines and catalogues around because I love to make collages - but rarely do them. This book helps get me in the mood to do so. I have purchased them as gifts for friends, and they are usually available for a steal at the right time of the year (Christmas?) at Barnes and Noble. There are reflections on pastimes, home, achievement, clothes, and other things to help you reflect and visualize the live you want. I highly recommend it!

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