Moozel - Tov! 1:47 p.m. 2003-06-28

This is from the Good Neighbors section of the Atlanta Journal - Constitution, online.

Roadside assist especially 'mooving'

Traffic was heavy on I-75. My artist friend Linda and I had picked up the model for her second contribution to the Cow Parade and were on the on-ramp accelerating to merging speed when we heard a sickening thump. The bovine model had slid out the back of the pickup truck onto the pavement.

Linda, realizing the cow's head was protruding into the freeway, threw herself out the door as soon as I stopped, and on sheer adrenaline managed to pull the cow away from the heavy tractor-trailers streaming past.

While we struggled to lift the model, a passing motorist stopped to help. He easily lifted and restored the cow to her truck bed and tied it down.

I want to publicly express our gratitude to this thoughtful and kind man, Charlie Mitchell, for coming to our aid in a scary and potentially dangerous situation.


Today, the Cows on Parade Atlanta exhibit is at Centennial Olympic Park. My sister is coming into town, and she, along with her children, will accompany my mother to the park to see her cow - named Cowleen, the Highland Cow. I am not going, because I am feeling under the weather, but I will definitely be visiting Cowleen wherever she may be grazing elsewhere in Atlanta.

One of the places that they will be is the Marietta Square, not far from my school, so I hope to take a walk with some of my students to see the cows.

My motherís website will continue the adventures of the cow chronicles, as she begins work on Scarlett OíHeifer. Scarlett is the cow referred to in the letter to the editor written by her "driver", Leanna. If you havenít visited the site yet, you should. There are darling pictures of Mom and Cowleen. The site was designed by my aunt, Sage, who also has her own blog, called a texas sage. We are quite the blogging family!

Okay, yesterday I went to see Charlieís Angels: Full Throttle. I had purchased the first movie, Charlieís Angels to prepare myself for seeing the sequel. Inside was a voucher for a free ticket to see Full Throttle. My husband and I went to see it yesterday afternoon, and it was exhausting!!! I believe that the director is on cocaine. I donít like Bernie Mac, and there was not enough Demi Moore. They must have also lost their martial arts coordinator, because there were fewer hand-to-hand combat scenes, but rather a lot of extended stunt sequences obviously manufactured by computer.

I did like the beginning, however.

Instead of watching my new DVD (I spent the evening searching the Internet for hotel deals in Mexico), I am glad I saved it to view afterwards, to remind myself why I liked the first so much. I was also a big fan of the original Charlieís Angels series. I even wrote a letter once to Jaclyn Smith, so I was glad to see her in her cameo in Full Throttle.

Now, I must stop and try to go clean house. I have a sore throat, and may be coming down with at summer cold, which is a bummer. Itís either that, or I inhaled too much primer, as I am attempting to spraypaint my iron bed, so that we donít have to sleep on the floor any more. I now have to go buy one of those masks to put over my nose and mouth, just in case!

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