Horoscope Musings 8:58 a.m. 2003-03-20

Yep, you can tell that things are tense when I start analyzing my Horoscope. As mentioned before, these are from Free Will Astrology

I am including last week's because it was so great:

Leo Horoscope for week of March 13, 2003

When I ran for president back in 1992, one of my campaign promises was an affirmative action program that would make a majority of Americans celebrities by the year 2005. Though I wasn't elected, I'm pleased to see that my idea may still come to pass. With the growing popularity of reality TV, from "Joe Millionaire" to "American Idol," increasing numbers of average citizens are getting the chance to bask in the limelight. Your special moment could very well arrive in the next few weeks, Leo. There've rarely been more favorable astrological aspects for you to become famous or notorious. You will at least become more widely known, or be gossiped about outrageously.

Hmmmm....Reality shows? Love them or hate them? Well, I was in on the first Real World craze, and watched pretty faithfully, but I am afraid that I have not liked the last 3 seasons. My favorites were New Orleans, Seattle, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, and Hawaii - although Hawaii was the real beginning of the sleaze.

Now, you KNOW I want to be famous. If I didn't, why would I be putting out banner ads to attract voyeurs to my Diaryland page? ;-)

But seriously, folks. I have been attracted to acting, singing, writing, art - I just have not followed through until recently. If you can count this journal as that. I've got to keep working at it, though! I also plan on completing my Web page! Wow! Dare I dream of attaining WEB FAME?

Leo Horoscope for week of March 20, 2003

In his book Animals and Psychedelics, ethnobotanist Giorgio Samorini proves that many animals deliberately alter their consciousness. His evidence includes robins that get drunk on holly berries and act "like winged clowns," as well as goats that are dependent on caffeine and reindeer that seek out hallucinogenic mushrooms. Samorini concludes that the desire to get high is a natural drive. He suggests that intoxication has served as an evolutionary force for some species, breaking down outworn habits in such a way as to improve long-term survival. All this is prelude to my advice for you, Leo: You now have a cosmic mandate to shed your shticks and expand your awareness. Since you're not just an animal, but also an ingenious human, you don't have to resort to drugs and alcohol to do it. But you should do it.

Wow! By "high," I guess that he means that giddy, euphoric feeling that I used to get, but have not had for a long, long time. I used to feel that way when a certain song came on, and I would actually get up and dance in the middle of the room. Or I would start singing in the car or, when I was really hot, in the stables of the Centre Equestre in France.

What happened to that? I don't go into detail about this in this journal, but things have been tough in many ways over the past 2-3 years. Not all the time, but in ways that I wonder if I will ever be carefree again. Also, as far as the singing goes, I get intimidated around my husband, because he is an operatic tenor. I know it sounds strange to be self-conscious around someone that is supposed to love you unconditionally. It's not his problem, it's mine.

It's all part of the "new fear." Fear of falling off of horses, or of not being treated special - as I was with my first and greatest riding teacher - that keeps me from riding. I could also blame the cost, but that's not really it.

Fear of really trying at something, only to have it fail is behind some other things that I have not accomplished. I have always been a perfectionist - the kind of perfectionist that would rather just not start something if it was not going to be "perfect." It's a tough mindset to break.

High? We'll just have to see about that. Don't worry - I have never seriously wanted to try drugs, preferring to get that information second-hand from others!

But this bears some thought!

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