Eat, Pray, Love 12:29 a.m. 2006-03-19

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I have started working on my website - only 24 more days to go with the Dreamweaver trial. During class Thursday night, I did an outline - or mind map of the structure of the site. I need to put it into Inspiration and to build my folders full of pictures. Dreamweaver is a bit tricky - I may need to study up a bit first.

What else? Today, I slept a whole lot. I found out (at 9:15) that I had an appointment at 9:15 - my husband forgot to tell me. Luckily for me, I was able to push back the appointment to 10:45. The massage was great, but it kicked my butt. I went to eat sushi, wrote in my journal, then returned home, took a hot shower, then went back to bed.

I just got finished watching "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" - the HBO special starring Geoffrey Rush. It was good. I was a huge Peter Sellers fan. Yes, The Pink Panther was great, but I have fond memories of a couple of obscure films - one called The World of Henry Orient and the other called The Bobo. It was a very interesting film about him - man, but he was a jerk.

Let's see - I have been visited by a couple of possible opportunities. First, I had a surreal communication through E-Bay by Zarela, the designer and brains behind the Zarela Casa line distributed by Wal-Mart. I may have scared her off, as I did not, at first, believe it was her. The message was sent by an E-Bay ID, and offered to put me in touch with her distributor, because I sell so much of her items online. The offer was to buy some of the discontinued items. I may do so, if only the Papel Picado shower curtain.

I also have started inquiring about having shrine frames made for me. I have put a profile on a website called The first day, I received about 5 or 6 e-mail offers - all from China, only one for what I wanted. Maybe. I am supposed to send the company pictures and measurements of the frames, and they will send me a quote. I will have to see what they charge, and what their minimum order is. If I really wanted, I guess I could rent a warehouse to store baking dishes, frames, and Zarela items! Wow!

I am watching Saturday Night Live and the musical guest is Shakira - a truly inspiring ESOL story. I kind of like that song she is performing! Shakira rocks.

Okay, I am soooo loving my current listen - Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I heard a passage so powerful that I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the book. I will be buying it for all of my friends as soon as it hits paperback - I am trying to economise, after all. I have to say that listening it to CD, read by the author, is a great way to get it. Okay, everybody, go out and buy it.

I'm waiting....

While reading this, I have been comtemplating my own Eat, Pray, Love combination. Not to give too much away, but Gilbert ventures to Rome, Italy (eat), an ashram in India (pray), and finally, to Bali, Indonesia (love). I was doing some web surfing last night about my possibilities. If I wanted to parallel the Bali experience, I could always go to Thailand, where I have a friend who has built a house on an island off of the coast in the Andaman Sea - that would be Ko Payyam. I would need to go in winter, as it gets intolerably hot in the summer time.

I don't know if I'm ready yet to hit an ashram in India, but my massage therapist today suggested yoga, saying that it was very much like massage. I have yet to see the similarity - but I do love massage!!!!

As far as "eat" - I could go to Paris (just did that!), or - hey!!! - Barcelona. I love Barcelona. But as far as good food is concerned, I would not have to go much farther than Louisiana. I also did a little surfing on Santa Fe. Never been there. Could be fun!

I think it's time to go to bed...

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