Good Times! 11:05 a.m. 2004-11-27

Okay, so the drive home on Tuesday afternoom was hell - with the rain and holiday annoyances. Finding myself alone (as my husband was attending a funeral in Florida), I stopped by the QuikTrip for sustenance. In a salut to my single days, I bought a bag of Ruffles with one container of French Onion Dip and another container of sour cream. See, I like to dilute my dip. I got to the house, put on the 5th Gilmore Girls DVD and proceeded to pig out. Afterward, I had a margarita.

I fell into bed and did not fully rise until around 12:30 noon the next day. Of course, I had to get up and feed and let the dog out, but I just lazed around for the entire morning. It felt so good!

At about 1:30, I set out with the dog in the car. I was planning on going to Toyota Ya to have the sushi buffet, but instead, meandered around Lilburn and then stopped at a bookstore and bought Cheryl Richardson's new CD, Stand Up for Your Life. I did more meandering, and then, finally, at the brink of starvation, I decided upon Fuddruckers. I went home and waited for my husband to get back, and made two pecan pies and aspic.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner chez Maman, who also invited my brother and sister-in-law over. Their family numbers have dwindled. She also invited one of her friends, who brought the bubbly. We had roast pheasant and cornish game hens with rice dressing, green beans, and my aspic, which turned out pretty good. For dessert, there was gluten-free apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie.

Yesterday, I got around to mailing my latest shipment of eBay trades and to weighing the Peter Max jewelry dresser to be shipped this week. I also became very responsible (finally) and paid the last three bills I had been holding for the month of November. With just over $50 in my bank account, you would not know me for the eBay tycoon I have become, but I have a little in my saving s and PayPal accounts. I should make it until Tuesday, which is payday!

This weekend, around Thanksgiving afternoon, the change of seasons finally got to me. My throat became sore as the lovely post-nasal drip invaded my sinuses. I made it home, then hit the bed, alternately hot and cold for the rest of the night. Serves me right, I guess, but I do not plan on missing any more school this year.

That would be the year of 2004.

Last night, I finished season one of the Gilmore Girls, and sent the disks back to Netflix.

This morning, I woke up at around 4:00 AM and could not really get back to sleep. My mind was swimming with all sorts of creative ideas that I could not get up at 4 AM and go downstairs to work on. I am talking large scale assemblage art here. I plan on using some of those light aluminum screens I bought for my booth set up. I see lots of possibilities, and they already have hangers!

Finally, at 6:00 I got up and fed the dog, and worked on this week's eBay auctions. I am starting them tomorrow night on the advise of my husband.

After the sun rose, I went on another car wandering trip through the northeast Atlanta suburbs. I planned on walking the dog for a longer amount of time, but it is freezing right now! I stopped by a thrift store and purchased some baby big books to start an altered book or two. I have heard of altered books before, but Kathy Cano-Murillo had a great project
using chunky baby books. I will get started soon.

I also picked up a Mary statue and a lovely jewelry armoire with a window and mirror. Fun!

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