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Recipe of the Day: Crock Pot Sauerbraten, Mexican Chicken Casserole, Berries Au Gratin
Advent Calendar of the Day: Dec. 6 : Santa Claus of Greenland! - I love it! There's a countdown to Christmas, and a flash animation for each day. I didn't have sound last night, but it looks like a "saga" of a snowball fight right now!

Dec. 7 : Online Comics - Here is the site description: "Commissioned by BBCi, this interactive Advent Calendar gave daily access to web competitions and games. It was fronted by a series of 26 cartoons of 2 mins displayed on the home page, as well as online games and design-your-own ecards. The films scored a stunning 5 millions visits over a period of 26 days." It looked cool, but before I sent it to a nephew, I felt I needed to check this one out - I saw a butt crack on Santa in the Dec. 8 thumbnail- Those Brits!). It's cute, but there is a drunk Santa and reindeer...May be good for all of those "Bad Santa" fans!

Here is my dog, Connolly:

Here is what she is saying: "Get off of your Internet-surfing, ignoring-me-while-you-play-with-t-shirt-transfers, non-house-cleaning, non-meal-making ass and take me for a walk!"

Both Friday, yesterday, and this morning, I have been looking for t-shirt design ideas. I have had some good responses from my "Virgin Earth" collage - which I have tacked up on my bulletin board. It's a collage I made a couple of years ago with a picture of the Virgin Mary, a large picture of her face in the background, and planets, in the foreground - including the planet earth. In those lovely Gothic letters that the Latinos love so much, I have "Peace on Earth." One of my students in particular was "hinting" that she would like to have a transfer - and mentioned that I should get them a Christmas present because they are children...

Hmph! I bit my tongue on that one.

Still, I have decided to come up with small half-page transfers to let my students choose from, and I will have them bring in their own t-shirts. I will bring in my iron, and they can "make" them the week before Christmas holidays. I have come up with some really cute designs, combing the internet for tin ornaments and Mexican crosses. Love them!

This has sparked a lot of creative ideas between me and my husband, and I am even considering putting together a workshop to sell to other schools on this idea. I won't say any more - don't want anyone to steal my idea!

My husband and I went to the Urban Market on Means Street, and did a little Christmas shopping. It was a lot of fun, and he really enjoyed it as much as I did. We ate sandwiched at this sandwich shop in the area called Pangaea - I had a shrimp banh mi, which is a Vietnamese sandwich on French bread, and he had a Cuban sandwich. It was good!

We saw a lot of great arts and crafts at the Urban Market - the Christmas one is the best one. It was cold as all get-out outside, and I felt sorry for the vendors that had outside booths. It's warmer today, though!

I really enjoyed looking at the jewelry creations of Carter Seibels. She makes her own glass beads. She is from Charleston, South Carolina, where that style of bead is very popular. I remember being tempted two summers ago, when our family vacationed there. I am really surprised that this art form has not caught on more in other places. Granted, the beads are expensive, but they are beautiful and unique. Go to her website and check them out!

So, I am cutting this short, because I am in need of Diet Coke. I am going to endeavor to do important and necessary chores today - such as, paying the bills... It is so easy for me to get carried away with projects. My husband is going to a Messiah sing-along tonight at his brother's church. I begged off, and plan on getting stuff done.

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