Three Day Weekend Ahead! 12:07 p.m. 2003-07-03

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Hooray! One hour until my students leave, and I get a 3-day weekend! And, even as I type here, ceiling fans, lights, and an over-the-stove microwave are being installed by an electrician. I hope that the cost is not too steep! I also hope that I didn't misplace any of the parts to the existing ceiling fan!

My dog is at the veterinarian's office right now, for her check-up and heartworm shot. She was thrilled to be able to go in the car this morning, but not so thrilled when she realized where she was going. Maybe I will take her out to the polo fields on this side of town, for old time's sake. If I have time. I will also take her to Mom's tomorrow for our Fourth of July celebration.

My sister and her kids are going to the Peachtree Road Race. My niece requested it. The only time I have been was when my husband ran in it. I see no reason to get up early, drive to Midtown Atlanta, find parking, and trudge to Peachtree Road, just to see the runners, joggers, and walkers go by - especially if I don't have a relative in it! But many people find it festive, and like to go and lend their support.

I will be sleeping late.

Yesterday, I met my mother and sister at this furniture showroom near my house. There are a LOT of furniture showrooms in Norcross, along I-85, but this one is a warehouse which doesn't sell to the public. It was not easy to find, but it was worth it. It is called Nadeau Imports. While the kids played hide and go seek, we looked for some additions to our home. I loved their furniture, and it was cheap!!! Let me warn you, however, that I am at an advantage because my mother is an interior designer. If you want to find the good stuff, hire (or be related to) an interior designer.

We took digital pictures of possibilities for: a china cabinet to go between my kitchen and the French doors in my dining room, a TV armoire - to go in the living room, and shelving/storage for our master bathroom. I particularly loved the painted items. There were two TV armoires - one in red and one in blue - with intricate designs of flowers and flourishes painted on them. Gorgeous! They are the front runners for the living room, even though they were the most expensive items. The first china cabinet is kind of steep, too, but it is light yellow, and has a half hexagonal front. The bathroom may sport a huge modular, glass-fronted bookshelf, just because it's so darned cheap. The other possibility is a dark wood cabinet with iron lattice front and sides.

We took measurements, and will decide later. I purchased a great looking mirror in a painted 3-D yellow wooden frame, and a coat-hook in iron around a blue and yellow painted tile. I plan on putting that in the front hall, so we don't misplace our keys.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to see Legally Blonde 2. My expectations were low, especially after the Charlie's Angels 2 viewing. It was okay, but, of course it wasn't the same - although it tried to be. Instead of Harvard - D.C., this time battling Capitol Hill protocol instead of Ivy League "rules." There was a dance number, and an underdog helper (Bob Newhart as the Doorman), and the "Charming of the Detractors" until the Blonde overcame! Yay!!!!

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