My so-called life. 9:51 a.m. 2003-04-08

This has been a pretty tame Spring Break, so far. Mostly lazing around, but Sunday we went condo hunting on Saturday (see previous entry) and to lunch with a colleague of my husband and then to church on Sunday.

Monday, we laid abed a little too late- well, hubby got up and I resisted being nudged out of bed. So he went back to sleep after his breakfast, and I got up to check my e-mail, only to be informed that my archives link still did not work properly. So I worked on that. It seems to be working (except for some bizarre glitch that reproduced one of my entries 3 times, but I think I have that fixed).

Sound boring? I know it does.

My husband has this grand plan for getting our bank records into Quicken, so I had to get on the phone and call my credit union and find out what the deal was with the internet access to my account. At least some of that got done.

We postponed our journey to the tag office until today - yesterday, I actually called my insurance company and got them to officially add my new Toyota to my policy (which, I know, means that I have been driving around with basically no insurance since I got the car 2 weeks ago...). And the Toyota guy said that I have no need to get an emmissions inspection. Since I have not paper saying I have one, I am pretty sure he's lying. So much for trusting car salesmen. We'll see...

I had a tantrum and bullied my husband into accompanying me to a sushi restaurant, where we probably pissed the staff off by arrivining about 15 minutes before they close for the afternoon. But the sushi was good.

Then, we did a massive test drive to a newer townhome development to the east of Roswell. We drove basically the short route and then the fastest route suggested by MapQuest to and from each of our schools- which took about 3 1/2 hours. But we did discover parts of North Atlanta we hadn't seen before.

Last night, I did more home research, and went to sleep to very vivid dreams. I dreamt my grandfather was alive, and was riding a motorcycle. I didn't dream I was in France - that was the night before.

I guess it's all this scary business of buying a home. I keep looking at cheaper and cheaper dwellings, because I am convinced that the closing costs and other nonsense involved are going to put us in debt- and to me, owning money to a relative is STILL debt.

My husband hates it when I say this, but I often feel like I will NEVER be able to travel again. This makes me sad.

Or I am just being unreasonable and resistant to being a responsible home owner and tax-paying citizen.

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