The If... Project - April 2:18 p.m. 2003-04-01

I just got this from The If...Project, so I thought I would write on it. Here are this month's questions:

APRIL 2003: Globe-Trotting

If you could travel at the speed of light, where would you go right now?

Easy - France. I have been really longing to visit France again, especially since I just heard from a friend there last week. I had not heard from here in ages, and was actually beginning to feel like she was lost forever. (Have I written her back, though? Too bad she doesn't have e-mail!)

I would just like to go to Poitiers, or even Paris, and stay in some little place - with my dog - and wander the streets (and patisseries...). I have tried to "invent" France here in Atlanta, but it has been mainly in food and drink. There's nowhere like France.

What is it for you that truly makes 'no place like home'?

Having just said that, I have to say that I did miss things from home while I was in France. More so the first time in Angers as opposed to the second time in Poitiers.

I was lucky to have a dog with me in Poitiers - that made it more like home. So, I guess that having company make things the most like home. So, I probably would want my husband with me, too. ;-) (Don't worry, I didn't forget about him...) One of the reasons I didn't stay in France was that I would not be able to see my family regularly.

Man, now I want to eat some French food... or Cajun food.

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