Angels watching over me? 10:31 p.m. 2003-03-10

Well, this morning, just over one mile away from my place of work, I rear-ended a guy in a Dodge Ram truck. His truck looks barely hurt, but I am sure that his inspectors will claim damages within an inch of my life.

My little 94 Ford Escort, purchased when I started teaching in this system, and paid off just about a year ago, sustained a damaging blow to the right front headlight, bleeding red fluid - it's hood dented askew. I erupted in a flood of curses inside of my car, to emerge with a calm face to apologize to the Dodge Ram owner. So much for not admitting any guilt.

It was chilly this morning, too, so I tried ducking into my car while I called AAA, my husband, the school, my mother. I also called 911 to get a police car over there. Doesn't anyone just exchange numbers and insurance cards any more?

I was given a ticket for "following too closely," but the truth is that I looked left from my right turn merge lane, and, assumed that the guy in front of me had already gone. I accelerated - right into his truck. We exchanged insurance, and he headed out, leaving me to wait for the tow truck.

Jose, the tow truck operator, was a nice Puerto Rican man from Chicago. Married 25 years, with 3 kids - one his adopted niece. He is a gifted chef who works a tow truck as his day job. We talked about the problem of Hispanic children being placed in ESOL classes, even though they were born here in the U.S.

I developed quite a chill - I was not dressed to stand out in the cold - and the car repair office was also cool until I mentioned it. I was about to go into my car to get the dog quilt. Mom finally came to get me, and I insisted she just take me home, where I could think out my lesson plans for the substitute better and call and e-mail colleagues to make sure they got there. Thank goodness (for once) that testing is taking up 2 1/2 hours of the morning.

I had a good cry, and laid in bed, waiting for a call from my insurance company, or anyone else who needed to get in touch with me. I then watched a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie set in the Bahamas and ordered in Pizza Hut. I know - I was bottoming out.

It really sucks that all of this is happening right now, as we are considering buying a condo or house. But I have a lot of people helping me. I hope that it will all be alright.

I went into school after I picked up my rental car. The Enterprise guy gave me a reduced price because I was in a car accident - even though I have no rental car coverage, he is still giving me the rate they would have charged the insurers. I spent about two hours assessing what went on today, an making a plan to cover the next two days, if needed.

I also happened to open my Chupa Chups can to put in some new suckers I had bought as rewards for my students, only to find the lid askew, and all of the suckers missing but 2! Thieving bastard students! I put the can (and the cajeta suckers) in my supply closet. I will deal with them later.

I left hand written plans and asked the sub to make copies. I may leave an e-mail for my ESOL colleague to stop by and see if the sub needs help - she was kind enough to offer to make copies today. My neighboring teacher is great, though, and will make sure things are running smoothly.

My mother-in-law's husband has offered to underwrite the car loan, and have me pay him directly, in order for the loan not to appear on our credit report. That is, if I need to buy a new car. This way, it won't be an impediment in our financing a new home.

See what I mean about angels?

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